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  1. Drop-dead handsome. Glistening, creamy smooth skin stretched tight over firm young muscles. A poster-boy of pure, raw adolescent masculinity.

  2. The official LGBT doctrine is that you, some adult, are not to acclaim anyone under the legal age ( USA being 18 ) as your sexual attract. Past histories are not relevant. The official doctrine is that NAMBLA. the original or as its mow under federal controllers, is some how a delete. Be self protecting. The THEY will let you marry. The They will never allow free sex. That free sex is a hippy thing and of the prismatic freedom Rainbow Flag but is not of allowance any more. The POLICE can not / do not solve nor prevent crime so the POLICE create it, as they do in the War on Drugs. The police do put didoes in boys’, teens’, pants to attract whores as if it were not new. The POLICE arrest and convict. Am a whore but get the attract another way. It is under the new legal title as “child molestation”, meaning anything, especially non-physical. Watch out you computer.

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