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  1. Interesting photo, he’s very cute, but that’s a very bad haircut — especially considering the shape of his head.

  2. This young man and his buddy have so much going for them who cares what their hair style is. We must keep up with the times or fall into old age at 40.

    1. “We must keep up with the times or fall into old age at 40.”

      Don’t know jack shit about cultural history, do you? That style of haircut has been around for over a century and was usually done on OLDER men or younger ones whose families just didn’t want to bother cutting their children’s hair on any “regular basis.” You don’t need to believe me, just look at vintage photos — particularly of the b&w photos.

      So, just like horsey, your assessment falls on the cutting room floor (as it were).

      1. What’s screamingly funny is that no one really pays attention to your comments other than to enjoy their laughable absurdity.

        1. “no one really pays attention to your comments”

          As proof of your total stupidity and actually, LIES, look at all the comments against mine (no less than 10). They wouldn’t have commented even against me if they weren’t paying attention to what I posted.

          What is it like growing up SO FUCKING STUPID or having STUPID AND INCOMPETENT PARENTS to pass on their stupid gene?

  3. I agree with Ralph – super cute especially with the haircut! Would love to see the rest of the set since it comes from Sinai.

  4. Lol! You’re really on Penboy about the haircut! I’m more interested in the bow on his suit.
    Great shot, one of Sinal’s goodies.

  5. How effed up do you have to be to criticize this gorgeous boy? He’s got it all, and it’s all good.

  6. Horselips, I meant everyone was on Penboy’s case about HIS comment about the haircut. Not that he was really “on” with his comment.
    Sometimes it can be distressing and distracting to read all the negativity. The boy is good looking, but mostly he’s youthfully sexy. Wonder what the older muscular guy behind him has in mind.

  7. I love his hair cut. Today’s youth style. He is a cute teen boy. The beautiful picture takes me back to my own teen years (1953-1958) when I used to spend every sunny afternoon at the municipal swimming pool, with my beloved friends, all males (A huge swimming pool, Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada)
    Some of my friends became champion swimmers. Not me, I loved the Sun but was a mediocre swimmer (afraid of water). I would rather lay on my « serviette éponge », sunbathing, rading while waiting for my friends in the water to resume a friendly conversation. Happy days of the past. I’m 79 y.o.

  8. I wrote (published) a short story the title of which is « Les garçons de la piscine » (The Boys of the Swimming pool).

  9. I would definitely make him go away and come back in six months with a different haircut. Ya, right!!!

  10. That haircut would not be out of place on a Hitler Youth or even on boys around World War One. At one time long hair was all the rage(and I dont just mean the 1960s). Look at photos 100 years before that during the American Civil War. Long hair aplenty. Some of it down to the shoulders like General Custer 10 years later. Plus Oscar Wilde in the 1890s.

  11. Just a guess, but they look like Vietnamese. And the crappy haircut teen is still very cute.

  12. The picture is one of sinal rare. A one of his photos of a pure perfect instant love he discovers and lets out for any and all to see. The boy is playing on the beach. He is a boy. He plays with his hair as he might do his wear and he plays what is there where and might he might say fuck to your and any otherwise. Republican, Democrat, other, you will pay dear for him and his. He seems too nice for your success. LOVE. He excites whatever but LOVE is what he evokes in this heart.

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