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  1. He’s obviously cute. But, that top photo — he has a Joseph Gordon-Levitt look (to me) — mostly because of his nose.

    1. Maybe its a bug in the editor – the link is really broken:
      Its ALL 3 lines, also the grey letters!
      Dont’t click it – copy and paste from”http” until “html”

      1. No, just do what matz69 instructed. It’s a long link, so joshua’s editor must have cut the “link” part off and left the rest “grey”.

    1. you are so right, I do photography work for a living. I took the image into my lab and carefully analyzed the image (to make it short, I don’t wish to bore u guys with all the details) but I too came to the same conclusion.

  2. Japanese are known for computer generated faces and bodies found in Hentai, manga , doujinshi manga, neru, etc. comics. They are fetish over smooth perfect hairless faces on real human faces as well.

  3. it’s ART!

    It’s ASS!

    it’s … artificial ?

    ahhhhhh, that’s AOK – my first gay crush was the boy on Peabody & Mr. Sherman.. The Way Back Machine ?.

    then there’s Shinji & Kaworu, Tetsuo, Prince Ashitaka, Kenji Koiso & Hiro & Tadashi Hamada – yeah… “fictional” / “created” is alright by me

    certainty appreciated, PenBoy

    Thanks, Josh

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