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    1. If you keep worrying about whether a guy is circumcised, you’ll never be able to enjoy sex with anyone if otherwise you like them.

      Just enjoy the penises without “worry” of anything extra you need to do to get at it. :-)

  1. I always like the ‘trick’ of having something of color with the remaining in b&w — I’ve yet to learn that in the apps I use.

    Oh, yeah, the guy is good looking too. Very nicely manscaped. (Pubes getting caught in teeth or poking my eyes is more of a hassle to me than whether he has or hasn’t any skin to pull back.)

  2. He looks like he has a very loose cut rather than ‘high n tight’ … so he’s okay for me.

    Personally, I dislike the extreme of either – too tight a circ is as unappealing as too tight a foreskin.

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