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  1. Beautiful photo — just too bad the sun is in his eyes — can’t tell the true color of them [{blue/green}-hazel?].

  2. Back in the day, when I was a boy his age, it was important to learn how to live 2 lives, one public and compliant with the expected norms, and one private and very, very secret. “Promise you won’t tell anybody” began and ended every sexual encounter. It was an easy secret to keep since disclosure meant calamitous consequences for both, or the three of us involved. Our lips were sealed with real, palpable, fear. But how delicious that made the shadow world we frolicked in. Forbidden equaled thrilling. We were the Ninja, keeping to a clandestine schedule when it was thought to be ‘safe,’ but always hyper-attuned to every sound, watchful of the time, and looking out for any surprise parental or sibling coming or going, We were good, we never got caught, and we loved it. More than just the physical pleasure we boys shared was the satisfaction of getting away with it.

    1. Out of curiosity, what year(s) are you talking about and were you in a rural area, suburban area, or urban area? The rate of same-sex experiences among males dropped hugely, but the question is when (in relation to WW2, the 1950s, and the 1960s).

      1. My middle teens in the middle 1960s. A small town in north central New Jersey, 28 miles from NYC – but there are like a couple of dozen towns and townships all connected. Definitely urban-suburban.
        Those were the days when boys still had to skinny dip at the YMCA pool. Sights to behold. Interesting times. Every boy ‘did it’ with friends and cousins, but as long as nobody kissed, nobody was considered gay. We could J/O, 69, even fuck – so long as we didn’t kiss. Somehow we all knew the rules.
        Boy-boy sexperimentation dropped off because with the rising of the gay rights movement the rules changed. Suddenly if you had sex with another boy, it was gay sex and you were gay. Militants were ‘outing’ everybody they could. Nobody wanted to be outed, and ‘coming out’ was still unthinkable.

        Most gay guys just went on to girls, which was super easy with the invention of ‘the pill’ – girls were all over boys because now they could be without getting knocked up. We all just joined the free love generation – the Age of Aquarius as it was called. Marijuana became the new social lubricant (although my drug of choice was gunpowder).

        Of course we still did boys when we could and that became easy too in the late 60s with the appearance of the ‘adult bookstore and arcade’ and the bath houses. They were everywhere and ID checks were a joke except during election years when local DAs had to look tough to get reelected.

        The old joke is “if you remember the 60s, you weren’t there.”

        1. That’s really interesting. I have heard many of the same things, but especially about what was happening in male-only spaces (i.e. boarding schools until the 1980s).

          I do wonder if the behavior you described happening in the 1960s was already dropping off in the 1950s when it is said that dating culture between boys and girls changed. Back then, I get the impression that no one really knew about what ‘gay’ meant. Maybe it was dropping off at different times in different environments (rural vs urban?) and for different reasons. Bear in mind that the prewar prevalence of experiences between boys was almost 40% (it’s now about 7 or 8%).

        2. Horsey, by my math, I’m a decade younger than you, and by your reasoning for the 70s, that explains why I didn’t have my first gay encounter until college. Curses – all those years wasted, especially when I was drooling over the sight of my teammates on the swim team. But that era was a Catch-22: the more gay rights we gained, the worse the stigma became about being outed, or even accused of being gay.

      2. “The rate of same-sex experiences among males dropped hugely,”
        “Bear in mind that the prewar prevalence of experiences between boys was almost 40% (it’s now about 7 or 8%).”

        Where do you come up with all that horse shit? Stop talking to your mother or some other ignorant feminist. That’s about as far from the real facts as you can get.

        1. Strange that you of all people is the most anti-science, Penboy! Where do I come up with all of that “Horse shit”? “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male” by Kinsey, Pomeroy, and Martin (published in 1948) – the actual prevalence was about 37% (in single males, 50%), and the follow-on study called National Health and Social Life Survey (NHSLS) by University of Chicago under Laumann (published in the early 1990s) when prevalence of same-sex experiences fell to its all-time low (around 4%). Since the NHSLS the figure is up to around 7-8%. These figures are all for the US and don’t apply as much outside the US.

      3. “the follow-on study called National Health and Social Life Survey (NHSLS) by University of Chicago under Laumann (published in the early 1990s) when prevalence of same-sex experiences fell to its all-time low (around 4%).

        You’re as bad as a Trump loyalist — if someone writes about it, you believe it. Only 4% young males engaging in same-sex experiences? That comes right out of some idiot’s ass.

        It’s well known throughout time and even to THIS DAY, that same-sex experimentation is one of the primary ways young males have sex — starting around the ages of 11-12. Why? Because it’s so readily available and consentable. Methinks you read it wrong — more likely, only 4% of males DON’T HAVE same-sex experiences.

        Same-sex experimentation is a huge “source” of sexual education (albeit limited in romantic ways). No, those low percentage numbers are just fucking laughable.

        1. “If someone writes about it”

          For the same reason that the earth revolves around the sun. Because, “someone wrote about it.”

          The rate of same-sex experiences went way down, just as Horselips’ anecdote illustrated.

  3. 😘He reminds me of milkboys when seeing a beautiful boy was the norm and not a rarity…
    😊Thanks Josh for giving us a glimpse back to those days!

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  5. With whitetlrabbit around and his stories, who the hell needs

    [That’s a compliment. Btw, what is the “tl” in the middle of your name?]

  6. The tl in the middle of my name is caused by me, very seldom I may add, spellchecking my text but not my name. I don’t know about you, but I have to enter my name every single time. I’m sure that wasn’t always the case. None of the stories I tell are stories, except that they are true. As Horsie says, he has “cum” to the conclusion that I’m a bottom boy. Next up, Do bear shit in the woods? Is the Pope a Catholic? Is the President an Oompa Loompa etc? . Lol. Happy days and memories as I said. P.S. I remember, much to the amusement of Captain Proton, I once misspelled my name as Whiterabbi. Lol.

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