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  1. That’s a very handsome young man! And for some reason, I think I’ve seen him online before, his face looks familiar, but I can’t come up with his name. LOL

  2. A nice normal young man with no tattoo’s. He has enough pit and leg hair to show that he can deliver.

    1. “He has enough pit and leg hair”

      When I enlarged the pic and seeing the way he has raised his right arm, it looks more to me that he most probably shaves his armpits.

      So, what is he “delivering” to you?

  3. As per the latest tone of this site, the picture shows a cute but a GENDER NEUTRAL human some might find groinally exiting (SEX being NEUTRAL also). ha ha ha

    1. Gender neutral my ass. He’s all boy. He exudes adolescent masculinity, and there’s no question which bathroom or locker room he uses.

      1. — As do write, the latest tone of this site is to deny gender and deny sex, each and both as not real nor relevant, but, are NEUTRAL.
        — To “protect the trans”, we are no longer able to say “he is pure boy”.
        — Since the photo shows no bump nor push nor ass, it looks NEUTRAL. As per the latest tone of this site and the “protect the trans”.
        — There are “trans” in the USA military, now, who are to get us to protect them. Since all GENDERS and SEXES are NEUTRAL, there no need for such things as “BOY” nor “GIRL”, nor, “MALE” nor “FEMALE”. Such things are now epithets.

        1. Strangely, I find myself in complete agreement with Horselips. Nothing neutral about this handsome lad.

          1. Can not groinally disagree.
            — The latest tone of this site is to “protect the trans”. Hence, the photo is of a neuter. Phrases other wise is now a forbid.
            — The make out and say of any one as of a gender or as of a sex is opposite to the NEUTER GENDER / NEUTRAL GENDER and is opposite to the SEX NEUTER / NEUTRAL SEX.
            — MY FAULT ?
            — Am an emphatic fanatic epistemological specific. Now must be a NEUTER / NEUTRAL.

      1. You might have noticed that this website – a gift to us all born of Josh’s creative genius, perseverance and generosity – is called Milkboys. Look at that again – MilkBOYS. Not MilkMEN.

        Let me guess – you didn’t discover your dick until you were 18. Wondered for years what that damned thing was for, eh? Never had a boner or a wet dream? I did. I was sexually active long before the age of the young boy in this photo. Perhaps you just missed the sex boat altogether.

        Teenagers/Twinks are the most highly sexed demographic on earth, followed closely by us senior citizens. We are sexual beings from the beginning. The law protects youths from exploitation, and that’s fine, but the law also provides an age of consent usually considerably younger than the first level of the age of majority. That’s because there’s a real world out there, just beyond the tip of your very blue nose.

        This pic is not pornographic in any way, the boy is scantily clad in public because he wants to be, and other than that, he shows no indication of arousal. No meaningful bulge, not even hard nipples. Oh, and I’ll betcha dollars to donuts if he was swimming in a secluded pond with his friends they’d be skinnydipping.

        Human desires flow like water around the rocks of prohibition.

        1. Hey, man, I was replying to the retarded posts of Br♂th♀r S♥rr❦ws, not to the picture itself.

  4. — Am not being serious !!! Am having fun with the ideas of NEUTRAL SEX and NEUTRAL GENDER. If that funning is not obvious, you are, uh, over-reacting ?
    — BELIEVE that there are those who consider the MALE as some deviate from the evolute of the human form. Do read their publishing and do hear them speak. Am playing their game as a funny. But they exist and they are for a real.

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