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    1. Lopsapeople. Made ja look din it ? Got my eye ! ha ha ha May be you make a copy to copy from ha ha ha

    2. Thats what I dont understand, too.
      Showering in underwear … tss tss tss
      Wash me, but dont make me wet ?

    3. When you’ve just come off of a beach, you need to shower with your swimsuits on to remove the sand (or more) ….. before you get to actually cleaning your body with soap.

  1. This reminds me of the (at least) 3 separate videos titled something like Showerboys — Canadian teens showering (and a hell of a lot more) after being on the beach — via “spycam.”

    Many would start out in their briefs, but every one would end up being au naturel “taking care of business” [and sometimes even more]. Honestly, it was quite an enjoyable learning experience.

    There are still many segments of those 3 initial videos still on the Internet.

    1. There were 4 of them that I know of from when P2P was still popular… all of them were labeled “Milkman Showerboys” somewhere in the filename. You can still find the full versions on various “tube” sites occasionally even though I’m pretty sure more then half the boys in them were under 18…. no mention is ever made of “Milkman” on the sites though.

  2. If I’m not mistaken, that’s “Kyler Moss”, from various Teen Boy videos! He was quite cute & very sexy, and always seemed to do “bondage” type of videos. Although he also did a “Justin Beiber” look-a-like video that was also terrific. Go Kyler!!

    1. Not only youngsters. Under Wear is also Under Gear
      — Pee Pee Weep and wet or dirty farts are “under the outer wear” and not showing. That is why there is “under [the] wear”. Also for sweat control.
      — For male athletes / swimmers, there is Under Gear to keep the balls and dick under “control”. For female atheletes / swimmers, it keeps the flaps and clit under “control”.
      — Such gear is also available to hide the genitals. Keeps them from showing.
      — For most, under wear does all the same thing as most of us are not athletes.

      1. “For male athletes / swimmers, there is Under Gear to keep the balls and dick under “control””

        Newsflash: At least 99% of male clothing designed for swimming/water sports of some kind have some sort of liner to do exactly that — no one NEEDS underwear additionally to keep their genitals in place.

        And here’s a popular Olympic diver to put that into proper context:

        1. — Many boys swim in cut offs. Many boys do not swim in modern nor Olympic nor any such similar swim wear. Hardly any boy swimmers are Olympians and few get of any training. They swim any way.
          — All of that is irrelevant to the original query.
          — Many BOYS do wear their undies under their swim wear, what ever the version, type, or particular. The particular reason is, uh, particular. Some boys and girls swim naked or in their under wears.

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