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Get to know Helix’s newest model, 19 year-old Davey Brooks. Davey bares it all in his first interview as he shares what it’s like growing up gay in Utah, the kind of boys he’s into and his feelings on working as a twink porn star.

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  1. So what’s the significance of the MXXIII on his chest? Was he first incarnated in A.D. 1023? Does he know it would have been really easy to tattoo that number in binary? (1111111111 – no tricky round zeroes needed)

    Okay, I’ll get back to fapping now.

    1. Bible- Corianthians 10:23. The right to do anything…. Math factors: 31 11 3 Google gives you the Indiana premarital marriage act.

      It’s also somehow related to the assassination of Kennedy. (warren commission.)

      And explainXkcd has a bit on it too. PBS and Carmen Sandiego.

      Maybe he’s a Skeptic? (and a drinker.) Merseyside Skeptics Society.

    1. Sadly, I’d have to agree. Why this absolutely beautiful young man thought getting this ugly tattoo and defacing his otherwise perfect body was a good idea escapes me. If you need to mark some sort of event in your life, then by all means get a journal, diary and a scrap book.

  2. I love that he wants to keep his body clean, but he’s using too much soap in that particular area for us to be able to see much! :-)

    “At least it’s not that pathetic star on the hip that I’ve been seeing on so many porn stars lately.”

    Don’t you know why these “porn stars” (and quite a few other guys as well) put stars on their bodies? They know there is no way there going to get a star on Hollywood Boulevard, so they put stars on their bodies so everyone else will know they’re “stars“.

  3. I love the fact that he has those sunburns on his arms. Because I have them also. And its like “oh, wow, look! he has these also!” I don’t know, I feel represented in some way. :3

  4. A bit underfed for my tastes, yet that heart breaker face…! I swoon. Too bad he escorts.

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