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Sorry for not posting yesterday, my internet was down again. I managed to fix it myself though and should be back for good now :)

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  1. Not bad. I hope he’s going to a gym or does plenty of exercise at home. He’s quite flat-chested. Makes one wonder if during school (at least 3-12) if he ever went to a gym for phys. ed. of any kind. Even just a little bit of ‘regular’ exercise will add something to his pecs.

  2. Nothing wrong with the way he looks and seems to have the beginning of some nice pecs, cute looking and such a smoothy.

    Why should he go to a gym or change anything just to satisfy others, his body, his choice, his life.

  3. Totally 1,000% disagree with Penboy! That LAST thing I find attractive is huge chested muscle men that look like they should be wearing an A-cup bra.
    That slender guy is flat out wonderful just as he is. I especially like the lower abdominal muscles.

  4. Quote bob ” That concave chest is a specific body type, not just a lack of muscle”

    The boy doesn’t have a concave chest, it’s just the way his shoulders are forward as he folds his towel ! He is just a normal looking teenager like any others his age.

  5. Is it a wonder that people have body issues in this world? I’m overweight, and have struggled with my weight all my life. I have a lot of self esteem issues that I imagine stem from that. I’d killed for a body like this boy has, but the price would apparently be a bunch of old queens criticizing even that.


    1. The less sex the old queens have, the more picky they get… Funny how the world works.

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