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  2. Ah, yes ….. the good ol’ days of pantsing and being pantsed — made even easier by being on the beach with very little covering the fun parts up.

    What is so “interesting” about the crowd [even small] doing the pantsing is the unbridled curiosity of those in the aggression. Most people think that the ‘pantsed’ is only the “outsider” of any clique — but actually, quite often it’s also the cutest/prettiest of the male clique that gets pantsed — the others want so much to see for themselves the cute boys’ “parts,” and the aggressors “win” even more if the pantsee gets an erection (or is getting one).

  3. 😟In many circles that could be considered bullying or sexual harrassment, especially nowadays.
    😏…just saying.

  4. Let’s not get too PC about this. I would guess the picture was shot outside of the USA where the kids are not so uptight about such things. My reason for it being foreign is the kid is not wearing underwear under his suit like the fearful American kids wear.

    1. “My reason for it being foreign is the kid is not wearing underwear under his suit like the fearful American kids wear.”

      Not ALL American kids/teens do the multi-layer swimsuits — not even the majority. Usually those types are generally from very uptight homes [heavily into some sort of “religion”] — parents, siblings and/or close extended family members.

      1. Thank you! It gets really old to have all Americans tossed under the bus of uptight, conservative, fearful, whatever! I’ve seen a great many young folks around the country who are damned brave and confidant and simply able to enjoy themselves and each other – it isn’t like the old days when I was a kid.

    2. I’ve known plenty of teens that wear underwear instead of swimsuits, but never any that wore underwear under their suits. That must be something the loons on the west coast or sun stroke victims in Florida do.

      1. “That must be something the loons on the west coast or sun stroke victims in Florida do.”

        While your locations are generally accurate (because of the expanse of beaches), it’s generally because of their absolute phobias of having their ‘privates’ [which, on a beach is ridiculous] … impressioned [sic] and “sized up” by the curious …. which also happen to be their own desires — girls.

  5. 👿Generally I’m one of the first to make fun of the ultra PC right but in this case I’m sort of standing behind the bullied, shy, smaller, boy who may be adversely affected by such behavior, especially by a large group of his own peers. Be he a overdressed stateside beach goer or some savy European beach bum in countries well used to nudity.
    😏By the way, he isn’t smiling either!

  6. 😣Lord knows what this danged silly Android ‘smart’ phone was doing there… Give me my iPad any day of the week! Sorry bout that!

  7. If I had to guess where this might be, I’d guess in a Latin American country — the skin tones, dark hair and the “action” — Latins are well-known for doing this sort of thing to their peers — particularly at those ages [above]. I’ve seen many videos of Latins doing similar to each other (and quite often, very sexy as well).

  8. I remember a time like this – trying to provoke them and not to protest too much while enjoying the situation.

  9. I don’t know what these other boys are doing to that boy on the ground, I don’t know if they’re trying to strip him naked or not, I would love just seeing that for you naked, you know he would have some good stuff down below, a nice butt, and penis, I would love to get me some of his penis

  10. The boy is NOT on the ground, he is being carried and the view/photo is from above … also they are not trying to strip him of his shorts, just the way he’s holding onto them. My nice photo tho’ 😊

    @ Sigi – wtf is that in your comment above ? looks like your trying some money scam …..

  11. @Francis
    😁Glad to hear…
    That puts another perspective on the scene! Thanks fer your input!

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