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  1. Lawd how I miss high school locker rooms. Sooo many beautiful, hot-bodied boys. It was the same with city park swimming pools. Those were the days, and what days they were.
    Oh-this boy- he’s delicious.

  2. Definitely approve.

    Just curious, are there [non-hidden] erections in today’s high school & middle school locker rooms and showers? Or are Americans still scared shitless to be seen nude or even nearly nude in locker rooms and showers? Or are showers still ALLOWED in these schools?

    1. Probably so many girls in them claiming to be gender neutral that you won’t ever see much of interest.

  3. You might enjoy this.


    1. Post
  4. When I was at public high school I never saw this sort of thing but at private high schools – it was pretty common – comfortable and open about our hard ons and accepting of lust. For the most part anyway – no place is perfect!

  5. First post, long time reader.

    I was never exposed to nudity at school or scout or any other normal place for nudity for 30 years until this year in Iceland at public bath where it’s mandatory.

    1. Welcome to Comments. Sadly, you missed the Golden Age of innocent male nudity (1960s) when the YMCA banned suits and required all swimmers to skinny-dip, and when all high school boys were expected to shower after gym or team practice, and boy-oh-boy they did. Unforgettable.

  6. He’s good-looking he looks good naked with a hard on, I would love to suck his penis, you know then it tastes good

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