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  1. Very, very, very, very nice! A great tease!

    (I would have edited out the background distractions, though. It would be very easy to do and well worth the effort.)

    1. This is almost “delicious.”

      Right after I posted the first and second comments, someone came in here just to down vote me. Here’s where it gets “interesting”:

      He down votes the first comment (just to get “revenge” for whatever stupid reason) …. but doesn’t down vote the second with the edit. He likes what I did to the pic, but has to “have his say” with the first one.

      As I said …. IMMATURITY, PLUS.

      (Of course, he will come back and down vote THIS ONE — “to prove his point”.)

      Talk about click bait!

      1. Penboy … chill … You’re talking to yourself again. You’ve made 2 posts and replied to yourself. You’re ranting about up and down voting which doesn’t exist. It’s all in your mind.We can already hear the Twilight Zone theme in the background. Rest.

        1. horsey:
          You just show your disconnect with reality.

          As Zachary pointed out (just below your comment):
          “I assume that Josh took away comment voting because y’all can’t behave. ”
          well before you came in here to attempt to belittle me.

          1. I hate to join in on this, but as far as I can see horselips comment was half an hour before Zachary’s. I’ve never seen up/down voting on milkboys comments before either.

            Your weird ranty post kinda does make you sound like a moron

          2. Trever:

            I didn’t write it well, but what I meant was, josh had removed the rating system “well before [horsey] came in here to attempt to belittle me.”

            Sorry, I didn’t clarify this earlier.

        2. horsey:
          “We can already hear the Twilight Zone theme in the background.”

          Then you should already know you’re in for some informative entertainment. Grab a front row seat after you waste your money on various flavors of popcorn and sugary drinks.

          The curtain is opening …

  2. I assume that Josh took away comment voting because y’all can’t behave. Josh shouldn’t have to put up with this crap when he’s providing us a wonderful and FREE service.

  3. Now. About the gorgeous youth that Josh posted for us…….!

    I love the twinkle in his eyes and the fact that he is smiling at someone out of the picture. His boyfriend? I’d like to think so.

  4. Thanks for that link Kinkynik. I’m not wild about the ones where he looks like he’s shitting out a pineapple, but his normal face is gorgeous!

  5. OFF TOPIC (sort of)

    I just want to offer a movie recommendation:
    Run Boy Run

    Without giving away any details, it’s generally about a jewish boy in World War II.

    I think you will enjoy it.


    You might think about ADDING a “movie corner” (or something like it) for anyone who would like to recommend a movie or TV show about teens or gay teens. (Just a suggestion.)

  6. I like the “movie corner” idea! There is a site called Boys On Your Screen (B.O.Y.S.) that kept a list of feature length theatrical release films but only updated through 2013, and their boards have way too much other filler to sift through to find good recommendations.

    1. Maybe a Video Corner as well … for either/both professional videos or just some good YouTube videos — including some good short “movies” that are 30 minutes or less.

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