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  1. Didn’t we just learn ( that this behaviour is very very illegal? If he’s American, he’s probably rotting in an american mega prison right now. (The one one the left had to be put there too, as a precautionary action. Otherwise he might have grown up to become an equally evil person.)

  2. ❦Heaven forbid if there had been a drone shot of that cute tussle then there might have been child porn charges too for his exposed derrière… There isn’t such a pic out there like that is there?
    Just asking¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  3. While some people in America do have nothing better to do than lock up teens for adolescent horseplay most of us have more sense

      1. Guys, it would be laughs if kids did not get them selves in trouble. If I had a spy camera on me until I was 10 or eleven (when I knew I should not be touching boys in this fashion), me and all my friends would be in prison. My one voice does what can be done but I hate the idea that ‘if you can do it to protect children, you can do anything.’

        As to the Trump: My sense is he will be our next President. The good news is he does not care who has sex with who. The very bad news is he wants to be president (dictator) of the world. Around our house we are already referent to him as ‘The Trumpin Fuhrer.’ Please noted and forgive me the reference; I love Germans. My lover is 1/2 German American (god help me with keeping his mom happy!). And, the American revolution would never happened with out Generals Herkimer and Steuben!

        I just think Hillary would keep us as one nation on this world as an equal. Trump is the most dangrious thing we have seen since.

        Cheers and good luck!

        1. “As to the Trump: My sense is he will be our next President. ”

          I totally disagree. It will be either Clinton or Sanders.

          Again, the Republicans are so far off-scale from reality, they will fail in their own vomit.

          Americans in general are way too moderate, so a more realistic Democrat will be elected.

          But, I LOVE Trump — at least, what he’s doing to the Republican party …. it’s delicious! They’re coming apart at the seams because they won’t use any serious reasoning and common sense.

          1. Hi Penboy and all

            I HOPE you are correct! And, I love that the Republicans can’t figure out what to do with Trump.

            However Trump gives the impression of getting things done. Sorted commentators have observed that is the reason he is getting so meany votes. A lot of American voters hate that Washington is in gridlock.

            For myself I have a vision of a ‘Saturday Night Live’ style skit:

            One member of congress runs into the member of congress’ office next door, who is a member of the opposite party, And yells, “You have got to get out of here, the building is on fire.”

            (Smoke puffs in from both sides.)

            The office holder states dead pan, “If you say the building is on fire it can not possibly be.”

            Washington at work…

            For the record I am voting for the Democratic candidate.


        2. Drones may be used under special circumstances with a COA from the FAA. Historically, this authorization has required a private pilots license and ground school. It is possible. There are several examples of past COA authorizations on the FAA website that may be leveraged for special applications.

  4. Oh Amerika!

    The best you can offer is the choice between a fundie xtian nutjob and a game show host from one party and an old socialist or a party apparatchik so dirty and tainted she makes Tricky Dicky look like the Virgin Mary from the other!

        1. “Fuck off, you sad, bitter little turd !”

          And, you continue to prove me correct with every post you make. Thanks!

          [Btw, you really should change your nick …. to something more appropriate: TheLittleBritThatCan’t … or something like that. It’s more truthful.] :-)

  5. I think they are just good friends having fun, it looks like and one boy wants to take off the other boys shorts.

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