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  1. Thank you! And, very nicely done as well. :-)

    I like the graffiti behind him as well (although I suspect it’s probably “photoshopped.”)

    I think you’ve posted other Ivan Paulick’s images before, am I correct? He’s a very nice model with an outstanding body. :-)

    1. As someone who works with Photoshop for a living I can say that the graffiti is unlikely to be photoshopped, that sort of thing is a real pain, too much effort involved. Much easier and much more likely is 10 minutes with a selection of marker pens; real world activity is often much easier than digital complications. But I agree he is a very nice model, nicely photographed.

  2. There is something odd about the light/coloring from his eyes to the top of his head. I find it distracting and some how out of place.

    1. @Audaciter:
      From my experience as a photographer and many photos I’ve done inside residences, I would suggest that the (primary, because of the harsh shadows) light source is probably some sort of light fixture(s) to HIS left — for instance over a basin (sink) and, of course the wetness of his hair which could be because of some hair product still in it and not washed/rinsed out, so it looks “matted” or his hair is just “naturally” that way after getting wet from a bath (he appears to be in a bathtub).

      1. Considering the lighting in the shot sees to come primarily from the right side of the image or from his left, I doubt this is caused by lighting. Also, that area seems to be silver or metallic. It is an aberration of some sort.

    1. “I’d do him. Even before Penboy.”

      No, sorry. This bathroom is clearly a [western] coastal design and since you’re too busy in that Arizona desert shooting your hidden weapon at barrel and saguaro cacti, he just won’t be for you.


      1. At the moment I can do a side by side comparison and the black and white version looks far more better. Makes it look more dramatic while the colors chosen makes it look like a bad xbox picture. And the graffiti have more impact.

        1. Per your suggestion, I also created a greyscale image of this and for the most part, it DOES look better (although not to the level of an Ansel Adams b&w zonescale).

          But I still maintain that you lose the color “nuances” of the graffiti — but only because I’ve seen the color nuances first. :-)}

  3. He is a beautiful looking boy; I especially like the wet hair trail and the ” V ” of his lovely bum.

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