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  1. Very, VERY nice! That blond must just LOVE showing off his “package” in public. I know I’d love to see it in public. :-)

  2. Boy is hung like a dinosaur. What a mouthwatering bulge. My tongue is so hard I can’t talk.

    1. It’s not faked. I have a pair of underwear similar to what he has on, and rather than being tight all around, it has a pouch in the front, so the package gets held out in front, accentuating it.

  3. Well, the water was probably warm, so there wasnt any shrinkage of the vital organ for blonde boy

  4. Since there’s no “wetness” in the photo, I’d suggest this is a better “Wonder” Wednesday (and the reason I named it that).

  5. There was a guy I knew in the Army who I always felt a little sorry for as we only had boxer briefs and he was a shower with about 9″ that never shrank.

  6. What a nice picture – And what awful comments to go along with it…

    “He must just LOVE showing off his package in public.”
    “Maybe he has a constant semi.”

    It’s just 2 boys at the beach, minding their own business. Bodies are different, and so is underwear. This isn’t an instant medical situation, folks.

    Ever wondered why many guys are wearing 2 swimming trunks, not showering naked, or changing with a towel around their hips? It’s because of people like you, sexualizing EVERYTHING.

    “Oh look at that guy, pulling his swimming shorts down, he must LOVE to show his penis around!” – No, he just went swimming and is changing clothes. Stop acting like a pervert, or even worse, make HIM look like a pervert.

    You’re taking something completely normal, and make it uncomfortable for everyone.

  7. What a fabulous picture of these two hot looking boys. I love their skin tight boxer/undies which outline so clearly both a beautiful package and sweet bums.

  8. I think these two boys is so cute, they look great, especially the boy with the blonde hair, it looks like he has a nice bulge, you know that he has a nice long penis, did you notice I said nice.

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