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  1. There as many intersex as there are trans people, yet in stuff like this where there are discussions of people being “erased” the dialogue used effectively erases intersex people. We are being surgically erased everyday all over the modern, and not so modern world through traumatic forced surgeries that are only just now are being made illegal in a few places. We don’t speak because we are, and are continually being erased in the most brutal ways.

    1. The world is getting (slowly) more tolerant and knowledgeable about trans people, but still has no good grasp of what gender fluidity is, or how to handle it, especially when it is expressed visually (haircut, make-up, clothes).

      I don’t think negative names such as “non-binary” are helping to define one’s identity or are helping “binaries” to understand gender queers either. It should be more affirmative and related to what people are, not to the opposite (“non-“) of what other people (“binary”) are. Heck, some people are still debating if the “Q” of LGBTQ stands for “Questioning” or “Queer” or both, and many still stick to “LGBT” only.

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