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  1. “We need to talk about Ezra”

    Ok, so where’s the talk?

    I don’t know what that’s from, but he doesn’t look like a happy camper to me.

  2. If he’s masturbating with that look on his face [bottom GIF], I can only wonder what he’s thinking [fantasizing?] — The only other image that I can conjure up in my mind seeing that expression is from end of that that very cute video, Killer — he must be “going after” one bad bully!

  3. PB, if you Google the film you’ll learn that that Kevin is the polar opposite of a “happy camper”. In fact, he’s a psychopath and mass murderer.

    I’d rather talk about Ezra!

  4. “We Need to Talk About Kevin” is based on Lionel Shriver’s book about a mother raising a son who exhibits disturbing behavior even early in childhood. The inevitable killing spree occurs when the boy is a high school student—along with a number of students, the boy’s father and younger sister are among the victims. His mother eventually asks him why he spared her life. He responds, “You never kill your audience.”

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