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  1. 😍Thanks Denis
    ❦Though I’ve seen this before I eagerly watched it again…
    Then of course watched it one more time in 720p for ‘artistic’ reasons. Do watch it in full res if only to see that sweet little trollop dancing about so coquettishly in such an artistic manner!

  2. This is one joy enhancing, life affirming sliver of fun, it is nearly perfect.

    It is one of my favourite videos, ever, like Mephisto, above, I watch it purely for artistic reasons.
    Whoever selected the wardrobe deserves a medal, the shirts a size too small so there is all that tummy flashing going on, those school trousers must be made of Lycra or they’d split but don’t they cling to those wonderfully cute little arses in a heavenly manner ?

    Thanks Denis and Josh for the re-blog.

  3. The cute small guy is called Aoi and is now 17. Check out Wikia for the group Musemen. There are some lovely videos of Aoi dancing on his own as well as with the other 9 members of the group.

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