Viðrar vel til loftárása

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Almost everyone will have seen this video before but I just realised that I didn’t post it here after the relaunch of the blog so for the sake of completion…

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  1. I remember seeing this before and thinking these folk could easily be from the North of Scotland, the Northern Isles and especially the Western Isles (Hebrides) . Not only because they look alike but by the hostile attitude. Is this supposed to be Iceland in the 1960s?

    1. Yeah bit whats weird is a bible drops on the field and the language is clearly Spanish.

  2. For those who may be interested, I just completed an interesting experiment in downloading videos from YouTube — this video:

    I use both Windows 10 (for certain apps and environments) but use Linux Mint [19.1] as my primary OS. I also use at least 3 other “flavors” of Linux OS’s for different reasons, not the least of testing which one is viable for day to day purposes.

    As many of you know, throughout YouTube videos (and others), they have this ADP method of downloading (i.e., CHARGING YOU if you want a higher quality download beyond, let’s say, chocolate pudding). And if you download via ADP without paying, you get this LARGE “watermark” (that is opaque as you can get).

    So, on to this experiment:

    >>> In Windows 10, I downloaded this video through ADP in 320×240 pixelation [webm format] (that’s not “quality” by any measurement). I received this video in said resolution and with the expected “watermark” taking up no less than 15% of the image throughout. I did this using Video Download Helper with Companion App. The file size came to be: 17.4 MB.

    >>> I then downloaded this video through ADP in 320×240 pixelation [webm format] in Linux Mint. I did this using Video Download Helper with Companion App. The file size came to be: 18.2 MB.

    But here’s the kicker: NO “WATERMARK”! Yes, the file size is a bit larger, but not by much at all — only .8 MB — not enough to really worry about with today’s drive/memory sizes.

    Take this as you wish, but there’s something to be said about using Linux and it’s way of not bending to the corporate world’s insatiable desires for higher and higher profits.

    1. As an afterthought, you can CONVERT .webm videos to the more popular and useful .mp4 format using the popular VLC media player. You can look up how to do this (it’s quite easy and doesn’t take much time, depending on the time length of the original video) from various sources on the Internet.

      1. P.S. I converted both .webm files in VLC as described, and ended up with these file sizes:

        Windows 10 [mp4]: 24.0 MB
        Linux Mint [mp4]: 23.7 MB — .3 MB smaller

        Of course, the .mp4 format creates a slightly larger file size compared to .webm, but it’s considerably more useful on different devices.

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