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Hey, just wanted to let you know real quick that I‘m aware that some videos here and on juiceboys don‘t play in Safari.

While I can’t say I‘m shocked (Safari always was the worst browser imaginable :P) I‘m currently looking into other plugins to embed videos so they will work for everyone.

In the meantime, if you’re on a Mac you can use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to watch the videos. On mobile devices using iOS there’s no workaround I’m aware of since Apple doesn’t allow third-party browser engines on their devices so even Firefox and Chrome have to use the Safari engine on the iPad and iPhone.

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  1. Just an FYI, video playback has not been great for me on Mac Chrome either. Glad you’re on top of it Josh and thanks for doing such a great job on both sites.

  2. Apple products are privative, the exact opposite of what internet and computing should be: open. Use Linux.

    1. Use Linux

      Hear! Hear! I have 4 distros on my laptop for different purposes — including finding out which one is best for me.

  3. Yes, Safari is awful, if you have an iMac, then definetly use Chrome! I installed it a couple of years ago, and it’s worked just fine. I’m using an iMac from 2015 with OSX 10.11.6.

  4. FWIW:

    From a web developers’ point of view–I am one, Safari is a pretty great browser. Its very fast, it was literally the first browser (albeit 13 years ago) to completely pass the ACID-2 web standards test, and it keeps up with the cutting edge of web standards.

    If Safari is lagging behind at all anymore, its because Google split off of the open source webkit project (the HTML/CSS/etc parser) to start their own, making the open-source community that used to power both Chrome and Safari a lot smaller for the Safari crowd.

    But again, Safari is a pretty great browser. Dunno why your plugin isn’t working, hmu on Discord if you need help.

    Just because a plugin doesn’t work well in it doesn’t make

    1. In 2007, I splurged and bought a MacBook Pro — 17″, non-glare — that set me back $2500 (and that was on eBay!). While it was a good computer, per se [setting aside the absurd changes in the navigation keys from the majority NORM], after only just about 1 day of usage, I IMMEDIATELY downloaded and installed FIREFOX — I literally couldn’t use Safari and continue to say I am a computer power user — Safari was THAT BAD. Safari was written to be, exactly as the Apple computers have always been, the opposite of what the majority thinks and uses as tools for digital work.

      In 2014, first, the keyboard just stopped working and a couple of weeks later, it’s battery EXPLODED — literally.

      Today, I use Windows for certain applications that “I can’t do without” [like WordPerfect, ECCO Pro and a few others], but my main operating systems are various Linux distros.

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