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  1. If you want to download this video, rt click on it and select “copy video at current time … url” and you can download it directly from YouTube in a much higher resolution — just remember it’s through “ADP” — but you can go back a week or so and see how I did it WITHOUT its ugly “watermark” that takes up 10-15% of the image.

  2. Great wee film story… :)

    Danish boys
    Norwegian boys
    Dutch boys
    Swedish boys
    Always make me jealous…. so many good lookers and they’re all normal!

    Unlike here..
    Another sad afternoon in Glasgow…
    Dirty filthy streets populated with fat arse girls and foul mouth hoodie rats.

    Had lunch in a favourite classy family run well known Glasgow place. Table next to us with five young guys – footballers I think…. But endless F.. this and F.. that…
    Schooling had not given them much at all…

    There are two great films about Scotland – Both ‘Trainspotting’ No1 & No.2
    Everyone knows about Scotland and amazingly beautiful islands. hills, mountains, beaches .. etc etc…
    Well, take a look at the ‘Trainspotting’ films — a wonderful spotlight on the social mayhem that affects us – today’s Scots.

    This wee film about two normal Danish guys has instantly cheered me up…

    1. Thank you.

      I’m always looking for a good, non-pc type of movie that tells it like it is, not like the production companies that always strive for the “feel good,” but ultimately ’empty’ movie just to make their profits.

      1. make their profits. The best example of that lately is Love, Simon — hell, they [Disney Productions] couldn’t even get the main gay character’s voice properly for the email voice-overs.

        Sorry I didn’t complete my thought earlier:

  3. While weeping like a nun: At 15 I went through a love storm like this…not much of eros but a lot of pathos, unanswered.
    25 years later learning he was gay too. Unfulfilled desires.

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