World Wide Woven Bodies

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At the end of the 1990s the Internet comes to Northern Norway and coincides with the sexual awakening of Mads. The introduction of pornographic images into his life complicates his relationship with his parents, and their house becomes a minefield filled with uncomfortable interactions.

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  1. Millennial directors… Actual teenagers of the 90s knew about ATL0. ;)

    Sweet movie and real shitty dad.

  2. Interesting until you see (again) the double standard regarding sexual images. At 5:04, you see Mads checking out his mother’s breasts — the bulges, anyway …. and her fondling his leg. Yet the filmmaker won’t show what would have been the (most probable) obvious bulge of his erection. It’s fine to show the females, but not the males.

    “It’s disgusting.” So, you don’t want your young male to be looking at women in the typical heterosexual context? That was probably the only images he knew how to access in the time frame of this video. I wonder if she would prefer him to be looking at men? (I don’t think so.)

    Over all, as I said, interesting. I’m just not crazy with the amount of hand-holding the camera for so many of the shots — there are several methods of camera stability and still keep it “agile” enough for the storyline.

  3. Somehow I think Mads was taking the heat for porn his dad was looking at and the dad was too ashamed to admit to it.

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