Utpressing for Nybegynnere

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Simen (Johan Tinus Lindgren) is strongly influenced by his feelings, and unable to get over the death of his mother four years ago. When one day he learns that his father Vidar (Kim Prisoner) will die of cancer unless he gets an operation abroad which costs $200,000, he becomes afraid of being orphaned.


How will he be able to raise so much money in a few days? After he witnesses a robbery by Ove (Erik Skold), he decides to try and blackmail him for the money he needs for his dad’s operation. Since Simen is an amateur at blackmailing people for money, he does everything wrong. Suddenly he finds himself bound in Ove’s car. Now it’s Ove’s turn to push Simen’s family for ransom.

Blog reader James submitted this rather weird piece of film history. It’s from a Norwegian film called Utpressing for nybegynnere. It looks a bit trashy (IMDb rating of 3.9 and that title Kidnapped & Enslaved…). But see for yourself…

You can find the whole thing on the milkboard if you’re so inclined…

Utpressing for nybegynnere
Release: 2011, Norway | IMDb | Website

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  1. That one is cut very strangely.

    I remember seeing this a while ago. Was quite of few of these short ‘indie’ films from these young students :-) some (like this – uncut) quite good.

  2. The boy is pretty cute – no idea just where this was going but I wouldn’t mind seeing the finished product with a translation

    1. Boy wakes up. Boy showers. Boy sits down in front of TV and starts playing with his “remote” while fantasizing he’s been kidnapped.

      1. “… while fantasizing he’s been kidnapped.”

        The old bondage and domination (B&D) “routine” for porn. It’s “progressed” to the “teen/twink generation”. Who cares about the “story” if the “actors” are good looking/your type of boy? It’s all faked (the B&D portions) so why not enjoy it as something just a little difference ….. adding a bit of “spice” to the “usual” sex. :-)

  3. This is clearly an “almost movie.” A very rough draft, indeed with a very cute blond teen.

    I enjoyed the scenes of him sitting down on the couch and putting his hand in his shorts (the second close up cut is poorly edited but still interesting).

    When he’s pulling down his pants to sit on the toilet, it’s funny — he’s wearing a blue thong/pouch under his “underwear” he pulls down.

    The photography is very good though ….. it just needs a heavy hand in editing to make some kind of movie and of course add more “story/visuals” as well.

    It’s an interesting start …. just surprised this unfinished version is made public, but cute to watch, nonetheless.

  4. Just to be clear, this is a compilation of scenes from the film, edited together at random. The story is about a rather out-of-control boy who tries to blackmail a man who he knows to be a bank robber, and instead finds himself kidnapped by his intended victim. The full film is quite professionally done, if a bit weird, the blond boy is an actor who has professional credits, he is also the co-author of the film.

  5. ❦Watched the whole thing…
    Still weird but watching this vixen for 90+ min’s made it bearable even without english subtitles; actually don’t think they really would made much of a difference in this quirky fiasco!
    Seeing this kid on a float in a pool drinking chocolate milk followed by a beer and
    doing coke, then watching two guys do lines on his chest while he’s bound, gagged and near naked on a bed… Someone had a piss writing this script and I give the boy credit for pulling it all off with a straight face but at times I think he found it a bit hard.

    The bloopers after the flic were cute so check it out in full res if your bored and have some time to kill…ヅ

  6. Yes weird, and terrible scenes when the cute boy is being injured.
    The absolute best are the 10 last seconds, probably from a ‘making of’: when a boy is naturally laughing one can see his real beauty.

        1. Because he still comes to this blog and comments. See the comments from a few threads back.

  7. Weird the way the scenes were joined in the movie. I’m not sure what some of the flashbacks were intended to portray. Most of the scenes in the trailer never made it to the movie unfortunately. In the movie, the boy Simon, pronounced Semon, lost his mum, later he found out his father had cancer that would kill him unless he had $200,000 for an operation overseas. Afraid of being orphaned Simon decides to blackmail a bank robber he recognised. Instead it goes wrong and he is grabbed and held for ransom by the bank robber cum drug dealer. He has a nipple cut off to send to his family. Then his girlfriend comes along and saves the day. Budget was under $400k and it was made in 2011. Simon kept changing clothes while with Ove, the kidnapper, from dressed with grey top, to white top, to topless, to boxers, to clothes again. Was there something else that was suppose to imply? Need an english version.

  8. ❦Thanks for the flashback including the original comments.
    Think I’ll rewatch the film tonight just for that super-cutie😍

  9. I watched the completed movie a while ago. If you have a foot fetish, a great movie. I began translating by running the dialog through a translator program, rather tedious so didn’t get far. At the begining the boy takes a script he wrote to a TV producer who had just done a doco on whales. We then get into the story. Perhaps someone who speaks the language, or has time to spare to translate, could do so one day and put online.

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