American Christians spend millions fighting queer rights in Europe

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Several Christian groups based in the United States donated millions of dollars to fund campaigns against queer rights in Europe. An investigation by the media platform OpenDemocracy into the financial accounts of conservative organisations revealed that they have funnelled $51 million dollars towards the activities of anti-queer and anti-abortion causes in European countries.

Some of the groups have direct links to Donald Trump’s administration. The Alliance Defending Freedom and Focus on the Family have both received donations from Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and her family, as ProPublica reported. Earlier this week, DeVos refused to say that she opposes discrimination against queer students.

Alliance Defending Freedom told OpenDemocracy they champion causes related to freedom of speech and do not disclose “any recipients of funding in order to protect their personal safety and livelihoods.” They did not explain how oppressing queer people is a matter of freedom of speech.

The investigation found the ADF tripled its annual spending in Europe between 2012 and 2016, to more than $2.6 million a year. The ADF has offices in several European cities, including Brussels and Strasburg, which host the European Parliament. Alliance Defending Freedom is listed as a hate group by the monitoring organisation Southern Poverty Law Center due to their anti-LGBT ideology.

One of the places the group has been active in is Romania, which in October 2018 held a referendum to ban same-sex marriage by changing the definition of marriage in the constitution—which ultimately failed due to low turnout. More than a year ahead of the vote, in April 2017, Alliance Defending Freedom co-hosted a “referendum for the family” conference at the Romanian Parliament in Bucharest along with the local group Coalition for Family.

At least five of the groups analysed by OpenDemocracy also partner with the World Congress of Families, another organisation the Southern Poverty Law Center designated as an anti-queer hate group.

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  1. I was surprised to read “millions” and not “billions,” and then I remembered: Great Britain is no longer in Europe, so these hate groups don’t have to include a whole gay country in their European budget. ;)

    These American zealots and bigots feed hate in Africa and Asia too, but the human rights situation there makes it much worse than our First World problems. Well, same goes for many countries in Eastern Europe, especially the Muslim ones, but I don’t think they invest too much there, these countries are already doing this job at national and institutional level.

    It’s funny how, out of the 5 “charities” who make up 49 of these $51M, all (except for the Billy Graham family business and scam) have names that defend “freedom,” “liberty,” “law,” “justice” or “human life.”

    The smaller charities defend “family,” “prayer” or even “property,” which I tend to agree with: “These are my husband and kids, not yours, I pray that you keep your hands off them, Betsy Devos.” There, you see, family, prayer and property all in one.

  2. People are arses
    Join a golf club and watch the petty tossers engage in manipulation and politics

    Life is always a fight – seems like the good days in the West resulting from the severe lesson of two world wars are coming to an end. The shitheads are feeling secure and the ‘normal humans’ as ever, are not motivated.

  3. I get so disgusted even reading about all these religious attempts (and accomplishments) to literally undermine all of humanity just to control them in every aspect of our/their lives. And make no mistake about it, “religions” (i.e., all their churches) their primary and really, only goal is to attain total control of every society on Earth. Anyone who says differently, is totally stupid about these “religions”/churches (or whatever the fuck you want to call them).

    This is why I keep saying there is no such thing as “religion” according to any real definition of that literally outdated concept. No, every damn one of them are more accurately, Socio-Political Ideologies [SPIs] with ohly ONE goal: TOTAL CONTROL OF SOCIETIES FOR WEALTH AND LAND.


    “It’s funny how, out of the 5 “charities” who make up 49 of these $51M, all (except for the Billy Graham family business and scam) have names that defend “freedom,” “liberty,” “law,” “justice” or “human life.” ”

    Well noted.

  4. Religion is an excuse for both slavery & freedom. American Atheists manage to kill M.M. O’HAIR & atheist son ( & NOT fanatic Xian son ) & take the money. Aristocrat BRITS, of old, horse around & rape boys & girls as if they are free for all, a know as FOX hunting, & then maybe add some to the chain gangs of white slaves of the time. Juice squeeze out their own non-hets. Buddhists and Hindus are not innocent. Gypsies are not pure. Muslims being in the drug, sex, & slave trades is very real. &c &c &c … 😈
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    — Do similarly ask about the ants & bugs who do announce, aloud, for all to hear & see, their feelings about homos. Why do they do it so continuously aloud ? To get WHAT to attend to WHO ? & … FOR … uh, mmm … WHAT ? WHY ? STR8 Boys do not gang up on other BOYS & genitally abuse them from boredom nor insouciance. Now whole social & ideological organizings do encourage such violence against us.

  5. WHY do str8 boys gang up on a gay boy and genitally injure him ? It can not be from boredom nor insouciance. To this guy, it is as homo as the homo. Muslims take the Israeli guys from the Olympics and torture and kill them. Those Muslims are rapist fags. Muslims are nothing but RAPE STR8’s to this thinking ever since. Similarly do so consider the Xian rapists. Why else make males the main target ? They target the gay females along the way. Horny. Fuck. Kill. Such is okay because the targets aint quite right. As the old BRITISH aristocrats go FOX hunting on their horses to chase, capture, rape, & torture boys. ( Before neutral fox hunts. ) As institutions do rape any and all. Create the institution, fill it up, and go have fucking fun. The them then go consider faggots, queers, wierdos, odds, &, other, ends as okay for violence. Then the them go home to the other regular. STR’s do not target & then capture & then rape, torture, nor kill a homo out of boredom nor insouciance.

    1. Believe me, they’re far from “losing” their fight in the USA — just like parasites, they will jump and cling to any area [country] they can — they will attempt to do it “incognito” at first, and if that doesn’t work, they will try through whatever legal system that country has.

      They’re the fucked up “mother-in-law” you can never get rid of.

      [They recently started {and so far have “won”} new legal battles in Missouri to “offer” {read: force if they can in ANY WAY} bible studies in PUBLIC SCHOOLS.]

  6. The “them” are more into sex and also more into our sex than we are. [ Consider that “MEGANS LAW” becomes, and, is, now, an OFFICIAL TITLE of the law, and is now 100+ pages. ] The cops send out teen boys with fake show off cocks [ dildo ] to attract older mem. The cops fail to stop crime, and, fail to solve crime, so, they create crime. Modern FOX hunt. They, meanwhile, fuck boys and girls and shoot while wanting gun and sex control. NO ! The USA is NOT free.

    1. Do meet some anti-homo Xtians with fists. The sex police do attack. Do have a little know of what do write. The religious have company with the non-believers about we homos. With eight billion people in the world, why do the THEY even care about us ? As street whores on Eight Mile Road above Detroit, Michigan, say, we move on and so do they, and, baby, we still there anyway. Why do you even care ? That brings out the bottle or two. 🍬 🍭 .

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