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    1. AKA a “mike.” ;)
      AKA a microphone.
      Yeah, not the best sound to appreciate this slow song. Daniel has a better voice than Björk in this song, but it’s also much less expressive, almost monotonous in comparison. But then, who can match her unique singing?

      I didn’t like the David Hamilton-like softened video effects too much, but the background light aura around his hair and neck is fantastic.

    1. I guess these videos pop up in everybody’s YouTube feed all at the same time, I watched it a few days ago too. Too süß…

  1. The mic wasn’t [just] the problem — it was the song and the entire video production — from this piece, he can’t sing, and the production doesn’t know how to make a proper video for anything, let alone a music video.

  2. ^^^^^^^ Yet another load of shite negative comments of yet another post … may I suggest a photo of perhaps a bag of potatoes so it can be ripped to pieces as per usual on here. Moan after fucking moan and negative comments on nearly every post that is made here.

    I thought we came here to support Josh and not saying everyone has to like every post but for fucks sake go somewhere else and do you moaning, somewhere like the top of a big bridge where no one can see or hear you !

    Sorry, forgot to say thanks Josh for bringing us something different again.

    1. “I thought we came here to support Josh”

      Interpretation: I thought we come here to drop to our knees and bow to the almighty lord josh because, perish the thought, no one is allowed to critically think about anything, least of all, any of the arts — Now, where is that single-file line I’m to get into to follow everyone else in their black jumpsuit?

      How the fuck did you get through any school?

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