A Night in the Fields

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Adolescence is a confusing experience. Apart from the bodily changes caused by hormones and the perception of people as sexual beings, the idea of one’s social image begins to get clearer around that time as well. Everyone is more conscious of how they’re perceived, and societal expectations play a major role in the way this consciousness manifests.

Society in this context is just as much the media and social media as it is the actual people in the immediate surroundings – that is, peers, parents, and other adults. And depending on circumstances and exposure, two boys can perceive masculinity in completely contradictory ways despite the concept being essentially the same. This idea is sort of what A Night in the Fields is about.

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The 55 minute film is set in a working class town near the French border. It follows teenagers Anthony and Dylan, who decide to crash an evening at a nightclub. Young hearts run free with exhilarating consequences for all involved in this rollercoaster ride through French suburbia.

Click the picture above to watch the film on Vimeo. You can turn on English subtitles in the bottom right corner of the player.

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