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Understanding, from director Terry Rayment, shot by cinematographer Kate Arizmendi, is a short film on the power of communication and acceptance.

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  1. Oh what tangled webs we sometimes weave, while others untie those knots and just hang loose.

    Nice little flick. Merry Christmas.

  2. Although it doesn’t always turn out this way, it’s great to think it can. Great video.

  3. Off topic, but a beautiful boy from yesteryear: RUDY WISSLER and SCOTTY BECKETT ~ “THE JOLSON STORY” 1946

    1. Off topic:
      ~Scotty was one of my favorite Little Rascals only surpassed by Dickie Moore.

  4. Three notes:

    1. I didn’t like the edit when the younger sister walked in and saw them kissing — I didn’t like the IMMEDIATE SWITCH to black. I think it should have been done slightly differently (better) — the method used makes it look too much like censorship.

    2. [In my opinion] It shouldn’t have taken that long [a birthday party {for which we don’t know how soon or late it was after the kiss.}] for the son to find out his dad approved. I see what and why it was done this way, but it strays too far from reality that most gays must endure.

    3. Why didn’t they show the reaction of the younger sister and how she handles it — both to her brother and her family? That’s an important part of this “reality”.

    1. Lordy, what a pain in the ass you are. But hey, you know that. Quitcher bitchin’ and just make your own little movie.

      Everybody likes a little, but nobody likes a smart …

      1. Ahh, horsey,

        Just like in church, you just check your brain at the door and leave critical thinking aside, it’s so obvious. Is this what you say to every critic of a book or movie or whatever that is “art”?

        No wonder you’re a “believer of ‘god’ ” … you just have a very lazy mind.

    2. I agree with the 1st point.
      For the 2nd: my guess is that his father needed time to understand and accept it and there couldn’t be a better birthday surprise than the family support. The movie is too short to show how long was it from the kiss to the birthday and I think they did good enough.
      For the 3rd point, kids accept or reject what they are told in most cases. That’s why the parents reaction (specially the father because usually fathers are less supportive than mothers) is more important than kids (siblings) reactions.

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