Underdare Shopping

milkboys Skin & Skylcad 31 Comments

Oh, the horrors of vertical video :( I don’t have any program to edit it at the moment. I’ll look into it for future videos, if you have any advice, leave it in the comments! Hope you get some enjoyment out of this one anyway ;)

Comments 31

  1. What a very brave boy. And so cute. If I’d been in the store I’d have jumped out in front of him so that he ran right into my arms . A quick kiss and thanks for making my day.

  2. When will the kids realize it’s funnier if you just act normal. I was hoping he would start shopping for undies and take his pair off.

  3. Cute, fun to watch … but dark undies? I mean, there’s a very base reason to do something like that … including the “shock value” of it.

    But , I did enjoy the very ending. :-)

  4. Wow, what a body! As for the video, it’s the same dilema with “old” movies. Hard to make wide screen out of something that isn’t. You can crop, but you’ll lose part of your picture. The is obviously a smart phone video. Just hold the phone horizontally when taking a movie.

  5. I obviously shop in the wrong stores, he does have a hot little bod, more ripped then he looked like with his clothes on, obviously it was set up, he didn’t just go in that store and do that, it would have caused much more of a stir. He could have been a little more creative and ducked behind the rack and pulled off his old briefs and put the new ones on.

  6. Why am I never there?! But socks and underwear? No! And I agree with Penboy; they should have been tighty-whities. But, hey…

    1. Second worst nightmare. Hillary winning the election would have been First. The problem with Henry is his batshit crazy mother who should be arrested and charged with child abuse – suborning the gender dystopia of her son; in a perfect world, a serious felony, the punishment on conviction would be 30 days in the electric chair.

      But don’t despair my dear Penboy, for like Henry, I too enjoy nail polish. I have a bottle of pearlescent white. It’s my favorite color for highlighting the sights on my pistols (I don’t see quite as good as I used to), and it lasts longer than Liquid Paper.

      1. typical conservative: get called out, respond with thinly veiled references to gun violence.

          1. “You’re confusing guns with violence. ”

            Hardly. The entire purpose of gus is violence. No one buys a gun to snuggle up to a bunny.

          2. My dear Penboy, the ‘world’ of guns is very diverse, with models for every purpose, a great many designed for sport and competition having nothing to do with violence towards any living thing. Still more ‘gunfreaks’ like me buy, sell, collect and shoot for purely historical and mechanical-engineering considerations.
            As for guns and violence, all of mine must be defective. I can’t get them to hurt anyone or anything. Might that ‘purpose’ you referred to have nothing to do with inanimate objects, and everything to do with their owners? I think so…

    1. 😘Suppose because he was adorable, I thought it even cooler that the sale’s guy kept giving him underwear to try on, then deodorant too.
      😈I wanted him to try on the purple pair!

  7. HELP ME PLEASE§! HELP ME !!!!! Please tell me why I cannot open this video anymore! Who can give me a hand?

  8. No skid marks or pee marks. Well done. Maybe if tighty whitey’s were worn it would be a different story? Most people would shit their pants trying to do that in public.

  9. This boy he’s cute, the underrated shopping, I seen this video a few times he looks good in his underwear I would love if he would take him off will be even better.

  10. I love this boy, he is in his underwear he looks good in his underwear, too bad he wouldn’t he do this underwear shopping naked, I would love to see him naked, you know he looks good naked, I would love to see you butt, and penis, you know he has a nice penis and I would love to suck it.

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