Unboxing People

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All That we Share is a heartwarming reminder that our perceived labels do not define us. If we look below the surface, we can find common ground with those we perceive as most different to ourselves.

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  1. I’m a silly old sod, but this video moved me to tears. It was beautiful. Thank you to TV2 for making it and thank you for showing it to us.

    1. 😭Sorry to say but IMHO that was one of the best commercials ever!
      I tend to think it important, (especially as I age👴🏼) that we shouldn’t see ourselves as higher, different, or better than others. This commercial allows us to see the many things that we can share without realizing it. We all have prejudices whether we admit them or not. PC’s gone beyond the range of tolerable yet seeing our fellow human’s as a whole, in one picture helps us to see our sameness.
      ~Thanks “All That We Share” and TV2 for letting me be a part of that.

  2. By our dress, body language, vocabulary, level of etiquette, hair style, and so forth, we put ourselves in boxes. That’s so we can more easily identify others just like ourselves and avail ourselves of their company. Our chosen boxes also determine, or at least influence, the expectations others might have about us. Lots of us have multiple boxes, and depending on the situation, goal or objective, we go from box to box. Some choose aggressive boxes, others mild-mannered boxes, some try to appear more or less wealthy than they are, and so on and so on. You get the idea. Bottom line: reasonable people put us in the box we try our damnedest to be seen in. We’re in the boxes we want, and deserve.

    So, what box have I put myself in? That’s easy. There’s me, and there’s you guys.

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