Unboxing People

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All That we Share is a heartwarming reminder that our perceived labels do not define us. If we look below the surface, we can find common ground with those we perceive as most different to ourselves.

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  1. I’m a silly old sod, but this video moved me to tears. It was beautiful. Thank you to TV2 for making it and thank you for showing it to us.

    1. 😭Sorry to say but IMHO that was one of the best commercials ever!
      I tend to think it important, (especially as I age👴🏼) that we shouldn’t see ourselves as higher, different, or better than others. This commercial allows us to see the many things that we can share without realizing it. We all have prejudices whether we admit them or not. PC’s gone beyond the range of tolerable yet seeing our fellow human’s as a whole, in one picture helps us to see our sameness.
      ~Thanks “All That We Share” and TV2 for letting me be a part of that.

  2. I’m not a “cold person,” but I didn’t see anything that could even remotely bring me to tears watching this. All I saw was a politically correct attempt to make political correctness some sort of “baseline” for [their society.]

    As much as many of you “hate” labels, they are quite necessary in life if used in a common sense manner. Example: Donald Trump being elected as President of the U.S. Who hasn’t called him a fairly despicable name since his campaign (or whenever you heard/saw him say something despicable)? And we will continue to call him some bizarre names out of frustration during these next 4 years.

    This whole idea of calling everyone “we” or “us” and not recognizing “them” when it’s appropriate is just another step in not recognizing problems that not only should be publicly recognized, but also “fixed” as well.

    Another example, in the above video, two groups were recognized: “The religious and the self-confident.” And then, on a politically correct cue, they walk together to “make nice [equal].” Make no mistake, there’s nothing “equal” between those two groups. But, “making nice” [PC] is more attractive in a video than pointing out the truth. And our political correctness (in so many countries) simply are refusing to recognize what religion has done and is doing to tear this world apart — both intellectually and with violence.

    … “And then suddenly, there’s ‘us’. We, who believe in life after death.”
    No, don’t put me into that “us” or “we” box of ignorance.

    Just that example above shows the measured subtly of the “we vs. us” box but, of course, made it so palatable for all of you to digest.

    1. Whats funny, is from everything you posted on here I thought you were a Trump supporter. Because if you call that video “politically correctness” and if you believe the world is “us” or “them”- in terms of this community by your own classifications- you seem more like a “them.”

        1. Neither do most of your comments, but Trump supporters generally don’t. So that pattern seems to fit.

          1. Where to you get that I’m anyway or anyhow a Trump supporter?

            You need to re-read my posts and stop showing your Trump side.

  3. By our dress, body language, vocabulary, level of etiquette, hair style, and so forth, we put ourselves in boxes. That’s so we can more easily identify others just like ourselves and avail ourselves of their company. Our chosen boxes also determine, or at least influence, the expectations others might have about us. Lots of us have multiple boxes, and depending on the situation, goal or objective, we go from box to box. Some choose aggressive boxes, others mild-mannered boxes, some try to appear more or less wealthy than they are, and so on and so on. You get the idea. Bottom line: reasonable people put us in the box we try our damnedest to be seen in. We’re in the boxes we want, and deserve.

    So, what box have I put myself in? That’s easy. There’s me, and there’s you guys.

    1. “So, what box have I put myself in? That’s easy. There’s me, and there’s you guys.”
      🤔Horselips you are so… You!

        1. “Always be yourself … everybody else is already taken.”

          Good advice. As you well know, I’m always just myself. :-)

  4. I think Penboy, although I agree with the fact that religion can be quite dangerous, they meant religious as a joke. Because these people are fervent supporters of a certain sportsclub? At least, that is my interpretation.

    Look, I also like to rage against PC culture that has been taken way too far.
    But this is not so. This ad, quit simply, tries to show everyone that although we may be different there are also things that unite us.
    Now you may like this ad or not, but the intention is good. And the ad is quite beautiful to watch.
    So try, for once, to not be such a sourplum ;)

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