UK ban on “fetish porn” overturned

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The words “UK Government” and “porn” rarely ever are part of a headline announcing good news but here we go: Porn depicting a number of previously banned sex acts has been made legal in England after a review of their ridiculous obscenity laws.

Essentially, sex acts that are not illegal in another context can now be shown in pornography. Certain types of violent porn are now permitted so long as the sex acts are consensual (focusing on ‘full and freely exercised consent’) and do not cause serious harm to participants.

Not illegal in the UK anymore (video by Helix Studios)

The UK government first stated fetish pornography would be outlawed under the Obscene Publications Act. This included any form of BDSM and other pretty tame subjects like face-sitting, fisting and female ejaculation.

This was seen as a major blow to British porn producers. Many protested this change as censorship. ‘Distributing’ obscene material can simply mean sending a video via private message and can be punished with time in prison.

But even if you can watch fetish porn, you will still have to prove your age. New porn laws, officially coming in April, will mean Brits will have to input credit card details if they want to view a site that is at least one-third pornographic.

Obviously this opens the door for credit card data being intercepted by a third party or saved in an unsafe manner by website owners. The  habits of people looking at porn could also be tracked by the government.


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  1. One can only wonder what kinks the parliamentarians who voted for this ban are involved in … just as the worst homophobes are usually closet cases, those who want to ban porn are probably among the heaviest users, well, except for me, of course. Everything I really needed to know in life I learned from porn.

    1. The guy you voted for would do this in the US too, to please his base – in fact his supporters already did with that supposed ‘anti-trafficking’ legislation which resulted in tumblr’s demise.

      Way to throw your weight behind someone who would eat you for lunch!

      1. The guy YOU voted for, in either the House or the Senate, voted for the SESTA-FOSTA bill (HR1865) as well. In the U.S. Senate, the vote was 94-2, with ONE Democrat and ONE Republican voting nay, and FOUR Republicans abstaining. No Democrats abstained – they were all in.
        In the House, the vote was 388-25, that means the overwhelming majority of Democrats were in the tank.
        In fact, 11 Democrats in the Senate and 53 Democrats in the House CO-SPONSORED the bill.

        1. So instead of owning the terrible person you voted for your only response is,”I know I’m crap but so are you.”

          1. I’m happy to take ownership in President Trump’s election. I voted for him for lots of reasons – the Wall and immigration, my 2nd Amendment rights, lower taxation, economic recovery, military rearmament, new and better trade agreements, NATO members paying their fair share, screw Obamacare, ISIS territory reconquered, no carbon tax or other GW/CC nonsense, etc., etc., etc., in short, making America great again. My only real disappointments so far are he didn’t “Lock Her Up!” and draining the establishment swamp is proving more difficult than I hoped.
            With any luck, by the end of his term, a sharp wooden stake will be driven through the heart of the progressive agenda, and President Pence can cremate the corpse once and for all.
            In just 2 years, the American economy is the envy of the world, now rated the most competitive. The jobs Obama declared were never coming back … have come back. The Chinese economy is headed for the ropes, and we’re FREE of the Paris accords, the INF treaty, the UN’s law of the sea and gun control efforts, and the TPP and NAFTA. We can now devote our attention to border security, stopping the caravans, and the full militarization of space.

          2. It’s FAKE NEWS to blame The Donald when almost everybody in government, from both parties, was responsible and culpable.
            The bill was bad legislation, bad policy, and hopefully will one day be overthrown by the courts.

        2. I didn’t vote for any of them, sorry!

          Yes, many Democrats voted for it too (because the hard left is almost as bad as the hard right) because they were duped into thinking it was about saving WOMEN whereas the Republicans were strategically introducing a Trojan horse about keeping kids from seeing “dangerous” pornography.

        3. “It’s FAKE NEWS to blame The Donald when almost everybody in government, from both parties, was responsible and culpable.”

          You are so full of bullshit and quite frankly (and honestly), you don’t know jack shit about politics no matter how much religious-right bullshit you spew out. You can write all the “big words” as you want, but you sound just like Trump when he repeats himself between 3-8 times in a single “thought” — and he’s completely STUPID about ANYTHING political and social.

          1. Your ad hominem invective, while amusing (it is an honor to be condemned by you), is not an argument. You failed to refute the absolute fact that 64 Democrats in the House and Senate co-sponsored the SESTA-FOSTA (HR1865) bill, and that almost all the Democratic legislators voted for it. I remind you again that 5 out of the 6 Senators that did not vote for the bill were Republicans.

            Whether I “know jack shit about politics” or not is irrelevant to the facts on record. Neither party has a monopoly on bad legislation, just as neither party is the sole possessor of truth and beauty.

            When egregiously bad bills are passed with nearly unanimous bi-partisan votes, we have to have the honesty to condemn them both. Otherwise, we end up with FAKE NEWS.

  2. As to the need for proof that Britain wants I have only 2 words “tor” and “browser” :)

  3. I expect like so many here the arrival of the internet was just wonderful. I can well recall in my early teens being so extremely frustrated searching for anything remotely sexy. National Gepgraphic being a favourite publication… :)

    When J.P. Getty was kidnapped the Sunday Times magazine published a photograph of him posing fully nude on a sofa. Wow! he was beautiful… as mixed up rich kid he’d tried his hand at being a fashion model. Anyway, that magazine page became my constant companion.

    So, how to balance the free brilliance of the internet against the real need to teach others to respect everyone else? Indulging and enacting sexual or any kind of fantasy that does harm just isn’t acceptable.
    It’s a very very hard thing to achieve a balance in society when faced with a million voices clamouring opinions. Religious f*ckwits to real criminals masquerading as reality.

    The U.K. is not too bad. Kind of an acceptable average. And we do have the ability to change wrong decisions as time goes along.

  4. I wonder if the british government is aware of how much fetish p*rn there is on Twitter

  5. I am not into rimming. To each their own. Which is as it should be and keep the over reaching government out of what they don’t need to be in.
    That is why I can’t understand (I can but am saying it for the sake of my comment) the hypocrisy of “conservatives” and “libertarians”. They supposedly are against government intruding into private issues and would stop all government programs to help individuals on that basis yet they (in the usa – I’m not knowledgeable about other countries though I suspect it is similar) jump into very personal issues such as sexuality, etc. And of course they do help very rich individuals and corporations with welfare……..
    The Brits certainly have many twisted and fucked up politicians and bureaucrats like the usa.

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