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Young cadets from Russia’s Ulyanovsk Institute of Civil Aviation (UIGA) are being investigated for violating the student code of conduct after participating in an eye-popping, homoerotic music video.

The video — set to Benny Benassi’s 2002 electro-house hit “Satisfaction” — shows one cadet repeatedly deep throating a banana while others dance, shake their rumps and thrust their bulges in nothing more than underwear, belt straps, neckties and cadet caps. The Russian cadets now face possible expulsion for their participation.

The video (below), which appeared on YouTube earlier today, shows a handful of students gyrating, seductively posing around their dormitory, pretending to do chores and generally performing like a low-budget Russian schoolboy version of Magic Mike.

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  1. Before everyone getd all uppity about “hurr durr even Russia’s military hates Russian homophobia,” let me point out that this isn’t some fucking political statement or brave message or anything like that.

    It’s literally just a copy of a video sone US Marines made a few years ago.

  2. @ Nep – i know, that there exists an other similar video with soldiers of the US army. The problem is : if the guys in the video participated without permission on this video so it’s their fault. The video itself is not a matter of art, it’s just moving to the sound of a bass rythm in sexual kind. It has to be accepted, that the average russian society does not accept this. And : if the video is against the rules of conduct in the army, it’s clear that these guys have to expect consequences. If this video was thought as a joke, it is a bad one.

  3. Other than the crappy music, it’s not really that offensive to us in the west but in a homophobic country like Russia, it’s poison. Boys just having a bit of fun? For sure. Russian cadets wanting to be kicked out of the army? Maybe.

    This is what happens when you don’t have to calming influence of women around.

    Is it my imagination or do all Russian teens have huge packages?

    1. They have huge package ! That was also my impression !
      -The guy with the hammer <3
      -The guy with the windows cleaner <3

      We can can clearly see that the one with a grey boxer at 1:57 … has a boner !

    2. yes, its your imagination. usually those with smaller packages (or self respect) do not pose in front of cameras – Russia included.

  4. As much as this might just be boys fooling around and having fun (whether or not they’re aware of the potential consequences), it also sends a message of “we’re not all like that” to everyone outside Russia.

    It would also do the rest of us good to remember that it wasn’t all that long ago (certainly well with-in living memory) that the general attitude towards gay people in most of our countries wasn’t all that different then it is in Russia.

    In the US, being openly gay would get you discharged from the military until 2011 and prior to 1993 just getting accused of being gay could have the same result. In the 80s Pres Reagan refused to even publicly acknowledge AIDS until more then 20,000 people had died from it (and it was still considered a “gay” disease or punishment by most until well into the 90’s). Heck, it hasn’t even been 20 years since Matthew Shepard was beaten to death just for hitting on a couple guys.

    I love this blog, but I think it would be even better if it had more posts about things like DADT, Stonewall, Harvey Milk, The Wolfenden Report, etc. It would be good to occasionally remind those who are older and educate those that are younger what the community has been through to get where we are. Maybe call it “Memories Monday” or “Saga Sunday”…..

    1. On the other hand, some of the milestones you list are not as clean as you might think. The Matthew Shepard case may have had more to do with a drug deal than his sexuality. Stonewall and Harvey Milk are gay movement milestones but don’t really belong to its successor, the LGBT movement, given that the LGBT movement kicked many participants out in 1990, specifically anyone with an interest in young males (such as those of us on MilkBoys, for instance). And as far as acceptance of interests in younger males, we only have a few milestones we can point to showing ‘progress’ in the right direction. ‘Call Me By Your Name’ is surely one of them!

      1. Very little is as black and white as most would like to think it is. That doesn’t make it any less important to remember such things as well as possible and learn what we can from it.

        Regardless of whether Matthew Shepard was beaten because of his sexuality or a drug deal, the way it war reported at the time still terrified many of us that were just coming out at the time. Whether Harvey Milk and those involved in Stonewall were embraced by the “official” LGBT movement (whatever that is), they helped all of us move forward. Finally, even if specific segments haven’t come as far as others, we’re all still better off then we were 10, 20, 30, etc years ago.

        It’s all fine and well to nit-pick the details, but not at the expense of forgetting what it used to be like and where we could all too easily go back to if we lose sight of it.

      2. “There is less homosexual sex occuring now than at any point in recorded human history.”

        This is my main point of contention with you: posting this total bullshit as somehow being “fact” — which it is NOT. And of course, the absurdity of saying “feminism” is the source for this bullshit.

        You talk of this as if it is some kind of religion with you.

        1. It’s not total bullshit, Penboy. Compare across all the studies and you get a steady decline. It is indeed a fact. So many boys who grew up to be heterosexual used to have sexual experiences with other boys and with men, and now so few of them do. The drop tracks well with the emergence of gay identity politics.

          1. “It’s not total bullshit, Penboy. ”

            Yes it is. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

    2. You’re wasting your time arguing with this guy. He thinks every gay man is a pedophile and milkboys an online community dedicated exclusively to minors. Following such logic, whatever he interprets the LGBT community to be, I’m sure he believes they are all hypocrites and haters, unworthy of any remembrance or respect.

      1. Dan, this isn’t Milkmen, it’s Milkboys. You said that I think every gay man likes boys – in fact I believe the opposite and nothing I said should have given you the impression otherwise.

        Most gay men are only interested in men in their late 20s and early 30s. Those are not the ages (or the aesthetic) you see on this site. This site is only “gay” in the sense of the word which was used up until 1990, when it was a catch-all term. Our site owner here defines himself as he sees fit – which may (or may not) be different in the country where he is from. Most men I know who are interested in 19yos won’t even identify themselves as gay, because the LGBT movement has largely swallowed feminist “power” theory regarding age difference. It rolled over and played dead when feminists turned boys into honorary women, meanwhile 1 in 4 of gay men was out chasing men when they were boys.

        Upwards of 2 in 3 straight men have the capacity to be interested in boys (roughly, 13 to 20 years old), as in the boys you see pictured on this site. We know that from historical cultures and even some present-day ones. Our site owner here is interested in young males and in women – not coincidentally, like the 2 in 3 straight men I speak of.

        My main point, which you missed, is that things are not all rosy right now and not exactly for the reasons you would think. There is less homosexual sex occuring now than at any point in recorded human history.

        1. …have the capacity…like that! I feel capable thou. True nature is what it is…shouldn’t be contrariated (?), nature always get the better of us, in any matter. Humans think they are the smarted down earth. Living with the eyes open but not seeing like Christ said, ha!

  5. It is interesting that CMBYN has been universally loved and no one mentions the age gap stuff, which is great if a tad hypercritical.

    What ever brings each of us to this sites is our own business and does not need to be the same as other peoples. Live and let live guys. Had some great posts recently and fantastic looking guys/lads

    1. What I think is really cool about CMBYN is that consent (and really, the development of the whole relationship including the sex) is depicted without a verbal “yes” but with clear nonverbal cues that even women can understand.

      However we see in the news every day that nonverbal cues simply don’t work for heterosexual sex, half of the time, because so many women feel powerless to say “no.” People are starting to see once again that males and females are different when it comes to sex drive and motivation.

  6. They deserve no sympathy, taking the piss in a county that seems to provide more gay porn boys than most other countries …. pretty boys maybe, some fit sexy boys too but come on, no need to go to this extent to hide the fact the way they treat their own gay community.

    1. Erm, Chris B,

      How do these boys who are students of civil aviation (ie not military) treat ‘their own gay community’ with contempt and hatred?

      They are teenage boys. Most, if not all of them, will be straight. They are not part of the political system. They just want to fly civilian planes. And have some fun in their downtime- as most of us do.

      And in case it has escaped your notice, there is a well established tradition of males performing erotically for the benefit of the opposite sex… look up The Chippendales and Magic Mike for examples…

      This is just a case of horny teenage boys having a laugh to entertain themselves mostly. However, should he ever defect to the West, I’m sure the tall lad in the red boxers with the dazzling smile would find a warm welcome, should he seek asylum…

      1. “Most, if not all of them, will be straight.”

        Most will be …. the true ratio of straights : gays in any given situation is overwhelmingly proving there are many more gays than what the straights/religious try to bullshit us with — even in this ‘innocent’ situation of air cadet teens having fun. I peg it at NO LESS than 15%, and probably even more, closer to 20+%.

  7. I like the suggestion to feature historical moments along the long road to acceptance of anyone who does not conform to the strict definitions of heteronormative behaviour. If those milestones don’t fit into some current political strategy for LGBTQ rights, then it is actually even more important (IMHO) to remember them. Anyway, I’m bad at fitting into the proper political slots of the moment. I say let’s remember all sorts of milestones and intersperse them bit by bit along with the contemporary. Finally, it would be great if the milestones in question were from various parts of the world–to remind people that there are those who don’t conform in every corner of the human family.

  8. Maybe it’s because they are cute but I truly hope these boys don’t have to face any real punishment. It is a very sad thing when young men cant have some innocent fun without threat from there school or there government.

  9. seems a total decompression after stressy exams, btw: why should there be any homosexual spirituality (wishful thinking?) in it? where is it being shown?

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