Twenty Seventeen

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The year is almost over and I thought I’d write down a few quick, assorted musings before we head into a new year full of queer adventures.

🌸 This year, like most I guess, was a bit of a bumpy one for me personally. It seems only fitting that I’m writing this while sniffing and coughing thanks to the annual cold wave from hell ;)

I can’t even imagine how it would have played out without your help though. From moral to financial support you kept me going and I’m incredibly thankful for that. I’d like to especially thank the amazing people who helped me kick-start my move to another city even though it has nothing to do with the blog. I’m far from being worry-free financially but without you… I don’t even want to think about it. Thank you! <3

🌸 I was super pleased to see that, over the last few weeks, the traffic to the blog has picked up quite a bit. I mentioned before how blogs aren’t quite en vogue anymore, how many people barely leave their bubble of Facebook plus the odd one or two other sites anymore. So it makes me extra happy and proud that, right now, we’re having more daily visitors than we had for the last two years!

🌸 We started a new milkboys community on Discord this year. We’re currently at about 1,800 members and what I think is a healthy level of activity. Moderating such a community is not always easy so thank you to our mods who sacrifice their free time to keep the place in order :)

🌸 I have been experimenting with some different content on the blog lately and I’d love to hear what you think! If you got a minute to leave a comment below and let me know what kind of content you like to see more of and what stuff you’d rather see less often or not at all, I’d appreciate it!

🌸 So, ten years of milkboys, hey? Which means the blog is about to hit puberty if you will ;) I have a nice project planned  for next year that is related to this blog but more about that later! For now enjoy the holidays and thank you so, so much for sticking with this place! <3

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  1. 🎅🏻Happy Holidays Josh !☃
    ~So value you being there. It’s rare to find a blog today where you can still comment. Too bad more don’t take advantage of that privilege here at milkboys even though I’ve been advocating for more to post since 2012!
    😝Guess you really can’t complain about all the same old heads posting if you don’t speak yourself but I’d still love to see more opinions here to mix things up a bit…
    ☃Happy Holidays to all the regulars and you lurkers too!

  2. Thanks for all you do and I’m glad you are feeling a little more secure in your new place. As for blogs, content, bubbles, etc. — keep at it. The whole world does not actually live on FB. Posting every day, or even more often, really helps web traffic!

    Content: I really enjoy the random, eclectic nature of what you post. That is the great part of it for me. I enjoy great photos, but like it that I often learn about something more serious from this blog. I like the little video shorts, which I would never track down on my own.

    The only thing I would enjoy having added is a little more diversity of cultural backgrounds. I know that is not always easy — and I know that there are some web visitors who leave some nasty comments — but it would make it more enjoyable for me!

    Thanks again : )

  3. This is a very special place. My compliments to Josh for his surpassing wisdom in allowing not only comments, but allowing free speech – not censoring what we say for political correctness. Allowing the board to self-correct, meaning that when a poster goes off the edge, other posters will criticize and excoriate the offender proves the point – the answer to disagreeable speech isn’t censorship, it’s more speech.

    Happy to see traffic picking up. Milkboys offers a very pleasing mix of news, dicks, provocative videos, asses, editorials, bodies, politics, sex, links, dicks, ideology, and dicks. Did I mention dicks?

    I have but one concern. Has anyone ever noticed that Roy Moore and Penboy are never seen together? Never in the same building, or even in the same city. It’s always one or the other, but never the two together. This begs the question: What if they are the same person?

  4. Thanks Josh, love the site and have been a member for quite some time now.

    I like the general mix of vids and pics and news and especially the cute ones that pop up.

    I agree with the free speech and the comments self correcting when necessary.

    I hope it does not become too political and stays fun and sexy and sometimes thought provoking.

    Keep it up so to speak!!!

  5. “the traffic to the blog has picked up quite a bit.” The quality of the blog has picked up a bit too.

  6. Josh, from the bottom of my heart I thank you for ten fabulous years! Milkboys has become an important part of my life as I check it every day.

    It seems to me that variety of articles has picked up in in the last few months, For instance I loved the piece on Molly Bars and the interview between the two gays that were 65 years apart in age.

    I wish you the best and hope that you can find the strength to continue for another ten years!!

  7. I am from Germany and would like to take this opportunity to thank you, across the pond, for your great blog!

    I join with other speakers like sjt in complimenting the random nature of what you post. For me, it is also especially charming to receive that colorful mix you provide for the visitors of your blog: Beautiful photos and videos. Some lovely. Some sexy. Some making me thoughtful. On the one hand. And periodical serious posts including social and political content from all around the world on the other hand.

    By the way, a few days ago for me as a german guy it was very interesting to read the post about that german movie produced in 1919. Although the person Magnus Hirschfeld was known to me, that in particular was new to me. Even if the history about that movie is made public for instance by museums at several cities in Germany (as I’ve read afterwards). Amongst others my research on Wikipedia has shown that in the year 2008 a promenade in Berlin, diagonally opposite from the federal chancellery, was named after Magnus Hirschfeld. Undoubtedly a remarkable person.

    From the bottom of heart I wish you and your loved ones – and of course also any visitor to your site – a peaceful Christmas time and a happy new year!

    Keep it up!

  8. Really? 10 (in words TEN) years? Wasn’t it muuuch less?

    Josh – Congratulations!
    For your work, sticking to it, variing a bit (good or not) but continuing it!
    It’s a special place “for queer folks & their friends”. One can feel at “home”. For the “old” ones to stick around, talk, read and discuss. For the “new” ones to search, research, read, find out and ask.
    But thats a point: A bit heavy at the gay side, isn’t it?
    I’m missing “our” girls and the peops which havn’t decided what they are.

    Happy holidays!

  9. Josh – Hope that you have a great 2018 and thanks for creating and running this great place! :-D

  10. I’m glad traffic is picking up.

    For the first time in a few years, I can trust the blog will be here when I visit. Constant downtime over the last few years has scared a lot of us off, and more importantly, led to Google not indexing the site as much.

    I shared with you in Discord a few times, but I cancelled my Patreon contributions because of it. I was actually thinking yesterday, before you posted this, that I was ready to turn it back on.

    I will add that I hope you’ll consider adding some members to the posting team. So next time life gets in the way, you have people keeping the twice per day pace. It matters.

  11. I started following milkboys at 12yo and the drawcard for me was how the content featured boys roughly around my age, all while being diverse in terms of all other aspects.

    The blog has evolved with time and it seems as if its grown more out of younger boys too, which should be a good thing.

    But after all these years, i haven’t evolved at all. I’m still attracted to younger boys. I wish i’d have grown out of it by now, but i still haven’t. I worry that as i step into adulthood i will be haunted by this attraction as it continues to move further and further away from me. As the blog has evolved away from this younger audience, i’ve just felt more and more alone and alienated by it too (Sorry Josh, it feels so selfish to say this)

    From a super young age I’ve known i was attracted to boys, and now i also regret not coming out sooner, i regret not asking boys out back then when, to me, we all were at our cutest, prime ages. So many boys and friends i’ve crushed on as kids have come out as gay now – it just frustrates me more and more that i didn’t ask them out all the way back then. How could i have known?? Them? Would more blogs like the early milkboys have helped them?? I also feel like i was too distracted by myself, by my own body and good looks and by the attention that older men would give me online, etc. It felt good with older guys because they weren’t afraid to express their feelings while all the other boys my age, the boys i truly wanted, were all in the closet.

    And i know it sounds messed up, but the truth is that i was sexually attracted to myself in an unnatural way, which was the major distracting part. That’s an element of asexuality which perhaps could get better representation on the blog. I was obsessed with my body as a pre/early teen because i knew i was hot and this was only fueled by the increasing amount of interest girls would show in me. I remember at times wishing for a clone of myself because i was so insanely attracted to myself that all i wanted was to hook up with myself! (Good God i can’t believe i’m saying this). As other boys came out, i started to see faults in them because there were always aspects that weren’t as hot as i was and that was a huge, arrogant and unfair setback for me. I wish i hadn’t kept my standards so high (and twisted, wtf). But i felt so alone in that whole experience.

    As i’ve grown older and my body has changed, i’ve grown disgusted with myself and my confidence has fallen flat. All i want to do is go back to my early teens and date the boys i wanted when i could. Because now its too late. Now they’ve all grown older and changed and so have i. I wish i wasn’t too busy being distracted by myself, by girls and by older guys. And I wish other early teens were comfortable enough to be themselves back then too.

    The world seems to be moving forward in this regard, yeah. But for so many boys like me it still was/is a dreamworld. It feels like a westworldish theme park i want to yield into existence. Actually, this is starting to feel more like the ranting of a mad person than the christmas wishes of a kid. So let me just stop there.

    To Josh and the oldboys of Milkboys, have a great festive season and new year. To new beginnings, and all the possibilities they bring

    1. You have now entered the history of our kind, a long story told in all cultures and all of the arts. This little site is a celebration of some of what we we are. The rest of it must be made in your life according to your own rules. Just remember to do no harm and to judge others as little as humanly possible.

  12. drayden — A couple of statements caught my eye and I wanted to comment on them:

    And I wish other early teens were comfortable enough to be themselves back then too.

    I was truly hoping that same-sex marriage would have done that, particularly in America, but also all around the world — I’m rooting for Australia right now.

    In the most logical progression of life, if a society would recognize legally same-sex marriage, then by default, their citizens would not only recognize, but finally encourage, teens, young teens (tweens), and even preteens, not just their right, but also ‘celebrating’ young gays and their crushes and budding romances …… just like they do for heterosexuals — it’s no difference.


    Would more blogs like the early milkboys have helped them?

    Absolutely. And in the very early days of the Internet, they were around if you looked for them — but, alas, you needed to be “bold enough” to either search for them directly, or follow the nesting of links which could have led to some very intriguing and sometimes very helpful sites.

    But, then, FEAR [and today, government induced/supported viruses] set in and 99% of them disappeared and it’s been that way since. It’s now become a “race” between government agencies and the extreme religious right to tally up the [now, millions of] lives destroyed by their hate with persecution, prosecution and suicides (with a more than a few murders “for good measure”).

    For every progressive step we have taken forward throughout the world, the religious and the governments have forcefully pushed us back at least 3 steps.

  13. 10 years? I did not know the blog has existed for such a long (relatively speaking) time!

    Congratulations to you, Josh, are in order, this blog is a small piece of art and shows a lot of love and dedication. A bit chaotic at times, due to infrequent posting and commenters but that does have its charme as well.
    I love the fact that one can still comment freely – without the fear of a metaphorical all-seeing eye.
    I also enjoy the different things you post, there is not really a label one could put on about what you do or do not post. I kind of like that sentiment, you can’t put a label on all the people on this blog either.

    I am of the younger generation, just 20 now, only discovered the blog about 3 years ago.
    I must admit that the way all of you discussed things, as well as stories etc. being shared, it really helped me come to terms with who I am.

    I came out of the closet shortly after finding this blog, because I felt like there was always a community that felt the same way and had been through the same thing; old or young as they may be.

    I do not comment often, but just perusing the blog (and sneakily reading other commenters and having opinions about them and their comments) is fun too.

    So cheers, have a good one, and enjoy the holidays.
    Here is to another 10 years.

  14. @ƊƦAƳƊƐƝ
    ~Good to see you visit & Happy Holidays🎅🏻!
    Think that’s the most I’ve ever seen you say and that includes way back when we use to talk on the back pages of milkboys…

    Being confused about your attractions is nothing new, everyone goes through it. Far as the self love goes to certain degree some would say that’s a good thing… to a limit of course. Concerning your attraction to younger boys that’s a real grey area that you should be most cautious about. The old adage look but don’t touch would most probably be the way to approach that. Re. older men being attracted to you, be very careful; you’re a smart kid, use your brain on both sides of the fence and stay safe.

    😈Keep in mind there’s none I’ve known at milkboys that I cared for more than you and only one other that I’m still in contact with. You’ll always be special in my mind. TC of yourself. …ƌℯѵιʟ

  15. @Devil

    “grey area” sounds shady and I don´t like it.
    “look but don’t touch” is not much better cause it will drive you mad.

    Why does this always have to be mixed up with that weird smack?


    Thanks for sharing this with us. Even if you can´t see it yet things will get better. Because there is nothing wrong with you. Not at all. At the moment you are driven by worries and fear. But if you allow your self to be happy again your whole world will change. It´s like your hiding under a Bed and the only thing you can see is the ugly carpet. Once you step up and look out of the window the sun will hit you right in the face. But remember: there is a difference between being honest and being stupid.
    There are law`s and the moral-standards of your countrie and you have to respect them. It is not on us to judge or change what people think in this times. To much depends on the political climate and religious attitudes. It can change as fast as the weather.
    But what is on us is to accept who we are and what we love. Be your self in the most beautiful and unique and kinky way. This will make you love your self again and allow you to love others. To respect and accept them even if you don´t agree with there truth.
    There is no reason to challenge the beliefs of others when you know that what you are doing is motivated by love and guided by respect. Just be careful with who you share your nature with. Because even when you know the mutual benefits of your passion they might not understand it.

    And pls pls pls don´t worry about your age. If you where once in such a shape that you could love your self more than anything else it can´t be that bad right now. But ask you self what changed. What is the difference between than and now? I bet it´s the attitude that you have about your self.
    You find in literature of all times that it is not the body that a person falls in love with, especially the young ones. It´s the radiation. The whole person. The unique self. So do me a favor and be the best and shiniest version of your self. You owe this to you and to the person that will fall in love with you.

    Happy new year, drayden, happy new you!

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