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    1. Considering Russia’s love of ballet, he’ll probably fare better than in Trump’s Amerika.

      1. Neo Nazi Putin thugs hanging around street corners will not likely check whether a passing beautiful, slender, possibly gay guy is a famous ballet performer and should or shouldn’t be bashed.

  1. That’s second time you have misspelled his name, it’s Sokolovski.

    He’ll be alright, Upi, after-all ballet flourished under the commies.

    When you look at his pictures and admire the movement, jealousy has to creep in. So all you young ones, keep supple, keep moving ‘cos one day you’ll wake up and you’re fucked.

  2. Given the 1000s of hours of practice this art requires (in exceedingly thin
    foot ware) how are the feet not in continual agony?
    Best of luck to him in his pursuit.

  3. They wouldn’t care if they were in continual agony. It’s part of the mystique of being a dancer. Their feet are usually in horrible deformed shape before they reach 25. I was a professional dancer, but not a ballet dancer.

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