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  1. Well, Tutu for Tuesday. :-)

    Very beautiful B&W photography. I’ll assume the originals are in B&W (probably digital) for this shoot.

    But a “trick” I used to use for a subject such as this type is to shoot with color transparencies (slides) and if it were for a brochure or magazine — B&W photos, I would just copy my slides into B&W — very easy and I could filter as I wanted for whatever effect I desired. Then I would have both good color and B&W images for any medium.

    This subject could/would look just as good in color (including high contrast) as B&W.

  2. Ballet is one of the most physically demanding, athletic, and often painful pursuits one can follow. I often wonder why dancers are considered weak and effeminate. Most football players (American style) couldn’t last twenty minutes at the bar.

  3. 😘Sweet boy, gorgeous pics! Add some pointy elf ears and he could be Pan!

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