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  1. Mouthwatering. He’s a walking adult playground – that body is an amusement park with rides and attractions from head to toe.
    And, she knows it. I hope she’s not his kid sister.

      1. except there are lots of mirrors in a ballet studio, so really she does seem to be looking straight at it…

        “clever girl”

        1. Touché. But, since WE don’t know where the mirrors are (assuming it’s not a cheap studio), WE can’t tell if she is, in fact, looking at a mirror and presumably looking for his “package.” So, she isn’t looking DIRECTLY at him. :-)

  2. Are there more photos of him — without an audience, hopefully? (Or is this a forbidden question?)


    I don’t play any of the infinite number of video games that’s out there with only a couple of exceptions, the first being pinball games — I’ve always liked those (using some type of flippers). The other exception is shown below that’s just being released for PS4 and PC (I’m assuming Windows, but hopefully Mac and Linux are soon to follow). This game is so awesome not just because of the visuals, but also because of the creativity it offers the player (I don’t know yet if it’s only solo or through the Internet, team or competition).

    If you like interesting games, you might like to check this out. So far as I’ve seen, it’s being introduced for US$60. And the release date for PC is any day now. I think the PS4 version is already released.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up on pinball games, but for now, looking at that smoking hot boy, I’ll settle for playing with his heads. (Soooo-homo)

    2. I looked at the Steam reviews for the game. According to a majority of them, you could rename the game “Crash” because that’s mostly what it does.

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