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  1. Very beautiful. There is a video on Youtube of him dancing, looking every bit as willowy and ethereal as he does here.

      1. Your correct. I am now in my 50s and while I like looking at youths there is too much distance. And, my husband of 25 years would wonder why he was not informed and invited to share…


  2. Screw the ballet stuff -I just want this slender, slinky hottie to give me a good old fashioned lap dance. C’mon kid, slither all over me…oh yeah…

  3. Oh, I’m jealous. Not only of his good looks, but when I was a Black Belt, I was as flexible as the brick wall behind him.

  4. In the video his movements are graceful and sure, but he’s dancing next to rather than with his partner.

    1. Kirill, It is wonderful that you have devoted so much passion to ballet. I enjoyed your youtube video. Please be good and do what you love

      1. Kirill, John R. is correct. Indeed, follow your life passion. Our lives are journeys that we can choose much of what fill them. Make yourself and others happy. I have a dog (really, no insult intended) who is the “Billy Elliott” of running. No one taught her to love running. She was born loving running full out. Sometimes when we run together, she runs circle around me (literally) and in front of me she runs backwards and on her hind legs and laughs with delight. I will think of you when she is running with me and laughing with delight. Be happy.

      1. On the other hand, the 17 yo Ralph Kessler was the most exquisitely beautiful boy I ever enjoyed sexually. He features in the BBC film The Lost Genius on YouTube, etc. We visited the graves of Diaghilev & Stravinsky in Venice. Thank God for Orthodox Christian genius.

    1. God is a ballet dancer”

      That’s an absolute insult to Kirill and others like him that provide us with true enjoyment of the dance.

  5. Jean Claude van Damme once said that if you can survive a ballet workout, you can survive any other sport. Ballet dancers are some of toughest athletes in the world.

  6. Kirill, thank you so much for your contribution to ballet and our enjoyment. It is clear that your are passionate as well as being incredibly talented, coupled with devotion. I hope you continue to enjoy your ballet and wish you good luck with your career.

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