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    1. The photo was uploaded to Flickr in 2009, the location given is “Broadmeadow, Newcastle, New South Wales” which means he’s Australian and the pictures is tagged “Newcastle Dance Academy”.

      The academy has a website, so you might find him somewhere, and if not, there are plenty of other goodies on the site. look it up.

          1. It’s actually not that difficult: Just click on the download button on the bottom right. That way, you can also get the best image quality. :)

        1. @Mike:

          I don’t see any “download” button on the above site.

          I’m using Linux …… my link allows just for a right-click and “save”.

        2. @Mike:

          I’m using Firefox 43.0 and Mint Linux 17+.


          Now I finally saw it …. at the VERY FAR right … and it’s small too. But I should have guessed its purpose.

          Thanks again.

  1. Lovely picture, indeed! Sexy costume, good looking happy boy. Great! It made my day. Many thanks.

  2. He has a huge smile towards the photographer …. or whoever is looking at him.

    A psychological question:

    Do you think, in his mind as the picture is taken;

    Is he smiling to “laugh off embarrassment of wearing this and what it shows?” ….. [or]

    Is he smiling because “he likes what he’s wearing and enjoys showing off what most people will be looking at?”

    I’m curious to your personal interpretation of his smile.

    1. As a ballet dancer he will have got over any embarrassment years ago. With his experience he will be well acquainted with the culture and he will know that his package will attract a lot of attention, and deservedly so. I’m not saying he is gay, but he will be fully aware of the gay ethos among (male) performers.
      I’d like to know what support garment he has on underneath, but it’s pretty clear from the pic that it’s some kind of compression underwear.

      1. “I’d like to know what support garment he has on underneath,”

        I don’t know what they call it, but from the fairly obvious seams along the triangular shape, I’d suggest it’s the the same I’ve seen many ballet dancers wear — including being high on the waist.

        But, maybe someone knows more about it.

        1. I can’t recall the exact name for the garment.
          I think it’s referred to as a ‘dance belt’. Obviously designed exactly for serious dancers.

          It has a high level strong elastic wide waist. A fairly stiff triangular front that leads into just a central thong at the back. The intention is to support and prevent male bits from flopping around plus hold them out of harms way from clumsy girl actions.. :)

          The design also intends to minimise any interference with the outline of the naked body as open display of physical beauty is part and parcel of so much dance.

          Looks like he’s achieved total success amongst you guys.

      2. Wow, you’ve created quite a back story for this guy. It could also be his 3rd lesson and the first time he’s put on the proper gear, which would make that a look of chagrin. (He has what appears to be a dancer’s body, but that could be explained by his age . . . several sports could achieve the same effect.) He is (or should be) wearing a “dance belt.” They have (or had) a wide waistband of heavy elastic with a V front and a back that went right up the crack of your ass. The difference between it and a jockstrap was that the crotch cover of two-ply satin had absolutely NO give to it . . . everything was squashed as flat as your family jewels would allow. Googling the term now I see there are variations, but in my thirty years of dance (though I wasn’t a ballet dancer) I never saw any other type of dance belt. As for “everybody loving a ballet boy,” that’s news to me. (Somehow this sounds a bit aggressive to me though I don’t mean it to be.)
        Upi’s comment appeared while I was writing this.

  3. This thread …. it’s like you’re trying to say the day of the week:

    Tu … Tu … Tuesday!

  4. Thanks for sharing the extra link photos of this beautiful young man…….truly eye catching!

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