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  1. What a lovely Spring (or is it Fall?) ensemble.

    Wonder if Sears will have it (complete) in their upcoming fire sale before bankruptcy?

    1. The world doesn’t pay any heed to quasi Puritan colour conventions.
      Thank goodness for that.
      There’s more than enough shit from Trumpland and our Eurobog to sicken us all for a millennia or two as it is.

    2. Boys wearing white is never “bad form.”

      Wearing dark, Goth, on the other hand ………..

      1. I agree white is perfect if done correctly and most importantly it comes back to stylist and what carefully selected colour to combine!✈

  2. What is the significance/meaning of the pear he’s holding, and the closed doors behind him ?

    1. The pear is just a color match to the leaves on his jacket. The closed doors mean that they’re not open.

      1. “The closed doors mean that they’re not open.”
        LOL ! Okay… Sorry I asked a stupid question ~ XD

        1. Well I think there’s merit to your question. This picture was carefully composed, The pear is more than an accent for the leaf pattern. Pears have a long standing association with sensuality. His attire is suggestive of a number of things besides innocence. The photographer did not compose this picture whimsically and we are meant to wonder what he might mean.

      1. It could …. just let it ripen more. Just requires a soft interior …. and pears don’t have seeds as large as peaches.

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