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  1. You go to the opera for the singing and the music, but ballet is different. A few go for the music and the dancing, but just as there’s no un-sexy way to eat a banana, I suspect many go for the fantastic bodies and the bulges.

    1. A dancer’s belt is designed much like a thong, hugs the genitalia nice ‘n tight, and usually presents the bulge in an amorphous egg-like shape, hiding all ‘details’ of the anatomy much like an athletic cup. This delicious hunka-hunka burning love has a more ‘detailed’ bulge. And his concave abdomen is simply mouthwatering.

  2. Do well-hung ballet dancers need to compensate for the “extra weight” when they perform on their toes to stay “balanced”? :-)

  3. As a professional dancer for 30 years, I saw very few ballet dancers who turned me on, but this kid does. That face and those legs!

  4. Ballet dancers are so amazingly athletic! Imagine EVER being in that shape, not to mention flexible.

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