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  1. I’ve often looked at clothes and wondered why girls, with no obstruction between their thighs, wear comfortable skirts, and boys with an upper thing impediment have to wear shorts or trousers.

    Men need to claim the skirt and the dress for their own!

    Down with trousers!

    That works on so many levels

    1. @It’s Only Me:
      “… and boys with an upper thigh [impediment?] have to wear shorts or trousers.”

      If boys wore skirts/dresses, we wouldn’t have any method of determining their shape and sizes (and believe me, shorts/trousers are used for that very purpose …. as well as being covered in public) until the skirt/dress is either lifted up or comes off.

      1. Perhaps so, Penboy, but I have always been much keener on faces than packages. A lovely face, a gorgeous smile, and he can have a micropenis for all I care :)

        After the face I like the legs. And skirts show legs off rather well.

        1. @It’s Only Me:
          What you said, I won’t argue. But what I was pointing out (and you seemed to fail to “get it”) was that pants allows people in general (and not necessarily “gay” people) to determine if that person is male …. because of the many different haircuts, facial appearances (like makeup, etc), clothes that now are “uni-sex” in nature.

          That’s what I was referring to.

          You can have all the “non-gender” looks all you want, but the majority in societies want/need to know the gender/sex of the individual.

    2. Ach laddie, haven’t you heard about the Scots? They invented the kilt ( and the sporin ) centuries ago. ;)

      1. The kilt was not invented by the Sweaties, it was probably the Greeks. As for the sporran, it’s just a furry handbag!

    3. I wear looser pants or boardshorts…but never with underwear. I wish more boys wore no underwear underneath their boardshorts here in hawaii….guess they are self conscious of showin off their junk! what a shame

  2. Men in the ancient western/Mediterranean world all wore skirts – they are depicted in Egyptian art, Greek, Roman, Mesopotamian and Hebrew stuff. The really good news is that young boys often went around naked , and got naked to compete in almost anything. If Tutu Tuesday was in ancient Greece, we’d be seeing some hot uncut dick instead of that stupid pink skirt.

  3. Many an old legal English document, as also in regular literatures and letters, says “a one” or “the one” rather than a write “man” or a “woman”. It is also a way to refuse to write “you” or “your” or “yours”. They write “it is that one” or “is these ones” &c.
    — Many more modern laws put it as “person”. Many a common use is to say, and write, “they”, “that”, and “them”. All such are of similar of purpose. &c,
    — The use of “he” and “him” is oft meaning “person” or “one of the people”. The USA constitution starts out as “We the people”, entailing all and each. &c.
    — Do get an F grade in 7th grade English class for such as this one’s using such terms those ways and for writing such as this this way.
    — Do suspect that the teacher there sees these eyes looking at the most handsome person whose eyes are upon the teacher who is pregnant. The handsome one says, out of class, words which say of more than an interest. That one becomes student VP. This one goes to summer school … and gets A-plus there. &c.

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