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  1. Handsome, tat-free, slender body, hot bubble butt, and a spunky, playful attitude. Boyhood at its sexy best. I’d love to see his mouthwatering package.

  2. Such a “Spring-Fresh” face and body …. going into the Summer swimming at the local river/lake/pond …. chasing Autumn’s cooling breeze and running through piles of fallen Oak or Maple leaves.

    Let’s hope he doesn’t succumb to a gluttonous eating habit, smoking or drinking — not just alcohol, but also those “energy”/caffeine drinks.

  3. That’s not fair. you butt lovers get all the fun. I want to see Rasmus’s Penis. flacid, semi and stiff. Preferably hanging out of my arse with his balls banging my hole. No more butt pics. Cock pics only until June. I bet I can’t wrap my fingers around him. “Drools as I fall on my knees before my Lord & Master”. He can bring the handcuffs and the truncheon. But not the new extending one. The old ones. mmm. I would like to see his helmet as well.

    1. If one had ever saved all your comments you’ve made in milkboys, he would have one doozy of a porn story. :-)

  4. Cheers Penboy. My memories are still fresh on my mind after over 17 years. I’m 29. I do like to tell my memories to those willing to listen. I’ve always liked to be totally dominated. It’s my thing. Plus I’m girly and femmie. Being the only 12 year old girly boy in the boy scouts in a tent with 3 horny “straight” teenagers….well what give I say? I gave all them 14 to 17 year old’s a helping hand, and mouth and arsehole. I was very popular at these camps as you can imagine. When I was 12 to 15 I even had boys fighting over me…..horny little pricks. Ah the memories. I love to be tied up and gagged.

    As an aside, Tush in Scotland means the same as Fanny in Scotland….but different from the USA…Tush means pussy. So I’ll call my “boypussy” a Tush from now on. I like a boy to play with & to stroke my little tosh.

  5. This boy he’s really cute, he has a cute face, he has a nice butt, and a nice body, in this picture of this boy, you can see his naked body, and his nice butt, but you cannot see his penis, I would love to see his penis, I would love to suck his penis, when I am sucking his penis I can get a lot of sperm to come out it always comes out in my mouth when I’m sucking his penis, I get a whole month full of is sperm, I like to also when he is sperming and it’s coming out of his pee hole and drilling down his penis I like to massage his penis with my tongue, I would love to eat his penis out, and he would want me to suck his penis all the time.

  6. I love this boy he is really cute, he looks good naked, he has a nice body, and a nice butt, I would love to see his penis, you know he’s got a nice penis, I would love to suck his penis, when I am sucking his penis he was firm in my mouth, I would eat his penis out, when he sperms in my mouth I always get a whole month full sperm, I would love two when I am sucking his penis also I would love to see in sperm come out of his pee hole drilling down his penis then I love to massage his penis and that time, I would love for him to jack off in my mouth and let his sperm come out into my mouth. He is really cute, I wish I had sex with him all the time.

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