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      1. One of my gay friends, a rather patrician 80 year old academic, was scandalized when his lunch guest announced that he occasionally does it with women. Professor’s jaw dropped and he said “you like PUSSY??!?!?!?” Never seen a person more shocked in my life.

    1. I’ve seen both, you could get way closer and I would still see a scrotum not a vagina! I’ve had my face very close to both…LOL

    1. looks more like cutting :(
      The original appears to originate on Russian message boards which might explain it.

  1. Pretty face to go along with that butt. :P Penboy’s took the words right out of my mouth.

    I don’t like the arm cuts though – it seems to me yet another result of a female dominated culture – it has always tended to be females who act out suicides in order to get attention (as opposed to males, who tend to attempt suicide because they want to die). But now we have boys doing that too.

    If a boy wants attention, he should know there are plenty of guys willing to give him attention. But sadly that’s been so deeply ingrained as something for boys to avoid…

      1. No, just realistic. In poorer cultures across the world, boys have it much worse in some ways, yet they are loved in those cultures more than in our own. In no culture but our own are they as unloved. And in our culture they cut themselves with knives, for attention.

        1. I get that, but the way you’ve put it is that boys require attention from guys (theoretically older), whereas people who cut themselves require medical help.

  2. People cut themselves for plenty of reasons, usually because they feel they don’t have control or are overwhelmed. It bothers me to always read its because they “want attention”, not because it’s not true but because it sounds so dismissive. People don’t want attention unless they feel they don’t have enough, maybe they actually need it? And if a dudes cutting himself and some positive attention would help then that might be the signal they need.

    1. I’m not sure that it’s that they don’t feel they have control. I think it might be *how* they feel they can control others, which is something entirely different. All young people want positive attention, of course.

      This is the generation that’s been helicopter mommied, which has learned by mimicking (to make a generally well deserved generalization) the fairly typical female style of manipulating others. Male parenting style of boys has gone out the window. There is not much positive reinforcement (for things achieved), only “you are special” to everyone all the time. Those that grow up with this are too fragile, as a result. That is my best guess of what is going on…

  3. Pretty little scrotum shot there! Attached to pretty young man! Oh to be young again! Makes me remember when I knew a similar young guy when I was his age, I knew every nook and cranny of his body! and still remember how he tasted and felt!

  4. I can not enjoy the image of the body, I’m immediately drawn to his cuts, and feel a deep sense of pain…

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