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  1. Must be Europe — my guess because of the fixtures. Old and quaint but interesting. Over here, those would be collectable and fixed up … then probably sold for 5x what they’re worth over there.

    Oh, yeah, nice tush too. :-)

    1. “Dirty bathroom,”

      Why do you call it “dirty”? Everything looks clean enough, just vintage, like so many houses in Europe (and the rest of the world, including America). Old can be very classy … and very “in”.

  2. amazing photograph. I wonder if it’s one of a series. if so, would sure like to see the others.

  3. The young man’s name is Derek. When he was 18 a friend took pics of him and sent them to naturist magazines in USA.
    He is beautiful.

    1. You don’t KNOW that is in fact, dirt. And what about your own bathroom all along the top edges? Before you say it’s perfectly clean, remember that you can’t PROVE it on the Internet.

  4. Oh No I think he dropped the soap!
    Either that or he’s trying to clean that filthy old tub? Looks unusable with a tap missing and other plumbing issues.

    1. Figure it is in use as a photography setting and is not otherwise useful. ☺ The guy is also there for photography … 💗

  5. Seriously, some of you guys are looking at the goddam bathroom? Yeah, I’m old, but at least I can say I’m not dead.

    1. Before I make a lot of comments on a body, I really like to see a face, if possible — that makes a body much more interesting.

      So, you’re saying that just because you’re “not dead,” you’ll drop your [his] pants for just anyone younger than you?

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