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  1. Teenage boys and twinks have the best butts. That’s a fact. Girls, women and grown men will never be able to compete with young boys in a ‘best butt’ competition.

    Everything about this boy’s butt is just perfect. It’s small with round buttocks, and I’m sure his ass is very smooth, also when he bends over :-)

    1. I would say he’s a rate twink who has the buttocks of adolescent

      (Which is a good thing, especially if you get to squeeze them)

      1. Exactly! Having the boy of a young teenage boy, and yet being a real twink (18-21ish), is really a great combo!

  2. Do not think of this one as some twink nor as some version of boy. Seductive man ? For sure. What is in front may be a button. We can see that the back side is a Santa Stocking waiting for holes in one.

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