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    1. What’s under it! I love dick, and sperm should be on the government’s food pyramid with a very generous recommended daily allowance.
      Note: I have the greatest respect for true power bottoms like “broccolibutts” who can comfortably and eagerly ‘take it all.’ As for the boys who routinely accommodate dual penetration, I am in awe. The few times I’ve bottomed was for a much smaller organ than this boy’s BF has.

      1. If the top is willing to prepare the bottom properly, size isn’t really an issue except for the biggest of tops. Anyone that can take someone bigger then average without being prepped most likely can’t grip them well enough to be worth the trouble.

      2. I happy the ladies I’ve been to bed with dressed and acted as ladies, wholly satiating my appetite for the sensuality of their femininity. However, I prefer my male lovers to dress as men, because, let there be no confusion, when I’m with a man (or boy), it’s his raw, unadulterated masculinity I want – in appearance, speech, aggressiveness, scent ……. you get the idea.

        For me, heterosexuality and homosexuality are two separate wheelhouses, each captained as differently as a motor yacht is from a sailboat. I like my males to be all-male, and my females to be all-female.

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