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  1. “Way” back in Streetwear Saturday *7 I posted this [Text only.] :
    “But, why post one who’s wearing an armor of clothing and hiding interesting parts with a slab of fiberglass?” Because I (like just about everyone who comes to this blog) enjoy seeing a more, um… “liberal” view of some teen boys.

    And then you post a very nice photo of fully nude photos of 3 teen boys. I just wonder if, and how many, responses you get for being “too slutty” for Wheat fields, so much so that he makes a comment to tell us that “fact?”

    Am I supposed to apologize or otherwise feel “shame” [to him?] that my text only comment is “too slutty” than your visually graphic photos? Or apologize that “I’m more slutty” than, say, a typical heterosexual teen or adult who visits a blog about, teen girls/women and has a reputation for showing not just nudity of them, but sexual arousal nudity?

    Wheat fields, how about leaving your hypocrisy, “at the door” before you enter? And as far as other teens entering/commenting in here, who’s stopping them?

    Btw, I LIKE the above photo.

  2. Speaking of “slutty,” I noticed that this thread, which was posted HOURS AFTER Periodical Political Post *41 received a comment and at this time, the Political Post hasn’t yet.

    Which goes to show what grabs the attention of the visitor FIRST, before any “intelligent” post. Just sayin’ …

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