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    1. How? See your surgeon – they can work miracles nowadays.
      But if you mean how can you get one like that to caress, squeeze, lick, worship and fuck, I have an idea for you that might work.
      Back in my college days (early 1970s) one of my best friends developed, tested, refined, and tested again perhaps the best pickup routine and line ever conceived. We would go to a busy college bar, he would approach a single girl, smile, introduce himself, then scan her from head to toe, obviously undressing her with his eyes, smile again, and say, “Can you use a hundred bucks?” I saw him do it, I saw it work. Three times. And twice he kept his money. Amazing but true. (Granted, he was tall, slender, buff, blond, drop-dead handsome, with big blue bedroom eyes and a smile that could unlock doors, and did). I never had the balls to try it myself.
      So, you want this boy’s smokin’ hot bubble-butt? There’s been a bit of inflation since the 1970s, so you might have to up the ante to, say, two hundred bucks, but what the hell, it’s only money, you’ll make more. And if you show him a real good time, you might go home with a smile, and your cash. Enjoy.

  1. ❦Very cute androgynous derrière!😀
    Maybe Milo could pull off a shot like that!

  2. I read “horse lips” story and it brought to mind a recent event in my life. I was going to be in a town for a week, logged onto another service, had several chats with guys in the area and over time developed a regular chat with one guy in particular. After about a month of chatting we agreed to meet, pizza, talk and see where things go. We did meet at a pizza place and I asked if he wanted to eat there or head back to my condo. He said back which in my book says more. To my surprise, after eating the pizza and downing the beer, the mood seemed right, only to be ruined by an interesting question. He asked me how much I would pay. Back in horse lips days it was $100, just for the record, with inflation, he told be when I asked how much he was asking, $500. Needless to say, I still have my $500 and he left full of pizza and beer. Too bad too, he had the looks of the boy in this picture, and seeing him in person, I would tend to believe that what was under his cloths was what he sent me pictures of.

    1. One wonders if that boy ever found anyone else willing to pay him the $500 he was picturing… My guess is, he probably never found anyone that would pay that much, but maybe some others willing to pay the same $100 you were offering. Perhaps down the road he was kicking himself for not taking you up on your $100 offer, since presumably no one was going to pay him his fantasy-offer of $500. :D

  3. Beautiful aesthetics: both the subject and the presentation. Reminds me a bit of Robert Mapplethorpe. I’m not bragging, but when I was 18 I had a ass like that. Well, I am bragging, but I’m not exaggerating.

  4. The ass in the photo may be real and various parts might be but the photo itself cannot be real. For $500 I will refuse. My body is real at an age but no ass is worthe that and that photo aint real.

  5. This boy I can’t see his face, I wish I could, but he has a nice body, and a nice butt, I wish I can see his penis because you know he has a nice penis.

  6. He has a nice butt, I wish he would turn around so we can see his penis, I wish he would take more pictures of himself naked, I want to see some penis

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