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No idea where this is from, leave a comment if you know more?

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  1. The ‘click’ is better than the GIF ….. you get to see BOTH boys — and their both cute.

    1. Were is he gay? Just a normal boyish guy, very sweet and naturally enjoying his hair and sweet character…

  2. Somewhat unrelated, but does anyone know who the dancing boy is in the YouTube video of Every Time We Touch? I wonder whatever became of him.

        1. Penboy, considering the type of comments prevalent in that video’s comment section, I for one am glad no one knows who and where he is.

  3. Yes, Penboy, you are correct. I just find it odd and disappointing that a lad of such talent and exuberance appears and then disappears with absolutely no trace of who he might have been. I apologize for perhaps speaking out of turn, but I have often wondered if this (young man now) might someday reappear.

  4. I think these boys are really cute, they may be naked, I wish I could see them naked

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