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  1. Nice pic and a great body too!

    What is he drinking — some soda or beer? I don’t recognize the bottle.

    1. @Alan:
      “Best thing about that photo… no tattoos.”

      Don’t be so sure ….. we can’t see either buttock …… he may have a secret tattoo somewhere. :-)))))

  2. I LIKE this picture. He poses for the cam with exiting clothes and drinks a coke for the viewer and looks like what I will cry over if he gets near me. I fail to get the ‘photo shop’ reference. Boys have tummy skinniness. I am witness to tens of thousands of shirtless male photos. YES I am. And downtown in center city . . . never mind.

  3. I like this boy I think he’s cute I would love to get in his pants, you know he has a nice butt and a nice penis and suck his penis.

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