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  1. Sailboats like the one they’re on are tight on space – they probably have to share a cabin. I would love to see them changing and showering together. Good news> They don’t look like brothers.

      1. Hell yeah. Not being brothers they’re far more likely to be lovers, or at least J/O buddies.

  2. Very nice. C’mon …. isn’t it too hot out there with Sun bearing down on the both of you — to wear those baggy shorts? You know you want to be free of those restraints. And both look to be shavers as well.

  3. A couple of delightful “Cabin Boys”! I’ll take the lad in the Red Shorts, although he’ll have to exchange those for a very small Red Bikini & Stainless Steel Chain Link Choker while on my boat. LOL

  4. These are two okay to look at sexy slim jims. If you are horny then may be you will pay for a boat ride. Ass ver much extra. if. — as for brother sex – This’s older brother tries to rape this ass. Mommy some how figures this out and makes us bed room separates. Older brother Viet Nams and marries and still wants this one to be around as he tries to fuck his wife. She complains and says “He;s there !” to which brother replies “Good.”. She with one son divorces him for homosexuality, as he writes it to these eyes to see. He writes, later, about his fourth marriage to be. Mean while, he always tries to get this here guy. He shows to this one his wife #2 and wants to show his run away from home teenage boy in his basement. That boy is sexy and cute and do talk him into leaving and going back home. Older brother hates. But he continues to write. — What has any of that to do with the post ? OH. Brotherly Love does not entail, mean, equal, nor is the same as any nor all brotherly love. ! . ha ha ha. [ Am being honest as do write this. ] .

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